(opps) The problem with syntax coloring and rhtml appends (<<) was all my fault from messing with the settings. Sorry about that.

I LOVE the HTML bar and it’s table wizard.

Code folding – one of my must haves, found that’s a plugin called outline (check – awesome).

Having a Find on the keyboard shortcut would be nice but that’s a minor one. I noticed it when I was wondering if you had shortcut keystrokes for surrounding words with quotes/braces/etc when the cursor was positioned on the word.

Yeah, I don’t know what that “highlight all matching words/strings” function is called but I’d have to put that in my 10 ten needs list for a text editor.

This is a badly colored example from Notepad++ on a training rhtml file. I double clicked on the word “hello” and all instances of it in the document were highlighted. That one little feature can save so much time when programming. It’s not very visible but the whole line with the real selection has a highlight so you know which instance you’re really selected on.

I’m going to go ahead and purchase now, thanks for the help. Keep me in mind for the “highlight-all” feature. It’s the only thing that I’d want that I don’t see right now. Great job – finding a nice text editor for rhtml (when you’re not on a Mac and don’t want to deal with VIM, is rather painful).