Yutaka Emura

dreftymac wrote:
Suppose I have emeditor using the INI files and that the location of the files is as follows:


Question: Is there a way to keep these files in a *subdirectory* instead of inside the EmEditor program root, and still have EmEditor recognize and use the files?
The preferred way:

[ … and so on like this … ]

The reason for this is my system is setup to avoid backing up files that appear in a “program root” directory in order to save space. If it were possible to put them inside a *child* directory of the program root (or some other user configurable place), there would be no problem.

Thanks for any answers,

I am sorry, there is no way to move those INI files into a subdirecotry. That is the way EmEditor recognizes the INI files without using the Registry settings. If you still need to move INI files into the subdirectory, let me know how you want EmEditor to determine where the INI files are.