Hi Dimitry!

Just record a macro (Macro->Start/Stop Macro) that does it. There is usually a default run key for the last macro recorded.

Alternatively, you can assign it to a keyboard shortcut sequence, e.g. ALT-m. For this you need to save it first, giving it a name,(ext = ‘jsee’) in the macro folder. Look-up the “Customize Macros dialog box”/Options tab for its location.

Then to assign it your own and permanent key sequence, do Tools Menu->”Properties for Current (or All if you prefer) Configuration”->Keyboard tab->Select “My Macros” in the “Category” drop-down field; choose the Macro name you gave it in the “Command” drop-down list, move the cursor to the “Press new shortcut key”, click the key sequence of your choice (See if it is not already assigned to something) and click “assign”. OK yourself all the way out!

Have fun!