Dear Yukata,

I think I caught the culprit!

As you suggested, I uninstalled EmEditor and answered “No” to the proposal to keep the settings. On reinstall however, the speller behavior was the same. I then went on and with the RegEdit expunged all traces to the EmEditor from the registry. I also deleted all related files.

Such a clean reinstall seemed to do the trick. All these speller features were there: Suggested spelling alternatives, “Ignore all” (Thank you Yukata!) and “Add to dictionary”. Wonderful!

I then went on with (misplaced as it turn out) confidence to configure where spelling is checked. As a software developer (and a non-native English speaker) I need the speller to check just comment text where I use “natural” (as opposed to “computer”) language. Well, when I did that, all speller features disappeared! Oh God, not again!

I experimented a little, and my conclusions are:
* Checking only “Comments” turns off the features
* Checking say “Strings Enclosed by Single (Double) Quotation Marks” will turn on the spelling features only when right clicking over misspelled single (double) quotation marks, but NOT when right clicking a misspelled comment text, even when the “Comments” check-box is checked (!)
* However, checking both the “Comments” and the “Rest” check-boxes did turns on the spelling features on right clicking misspelled comment text (?)

Please make it possible to have a full featured speller on comments only…