Yutaka Emura

marletto wrote:
I am using Emeditor professional 8.05

I think you may misunderstand my words.

I created a text file, let’s call it [1.txt]
And then create a shortcut for the file, let calll the shortcut [1.lnk]

Then, I right click on [1.lnk], and see [emeditor] on context menu. Then I select [emeditor] in context menu.
Actual result: nothing happens.
expected result: launching emeditor and open [1.txt]

I understand your question, but I cannot reproduce your problem whether the file is shortcut or not. I tested on XP SP2 with EmEditor 8.05. Did you create “emeditor” context menu by yourself (by editing the Registry)? If so, remove that item, and you should use EmEditor to make that context menu item.