Yutaka Emura

hwfa wrote:
Just a few examples:
1. In the Help’s Index enter “Associate” (without the quotes). Then double click on “associate” or “Associate with EmEditor”. Then select one of the entries and click “Display”. The error message is displayed.
2. Enter Auto Save into the Index Search box. Then double click “auto save” or “Auto Save”. Same error message.
3. Enter “Backup”. Double click “Backup”. Help text is displayed with *no* error.

Obviously I haven’t been all the way through the Help topics but it seems the error arises at random – at least I can’t see a pattern but I guesstimate that *approximately* 50\% of the topics generate the error.

I am sure these topics don’t exist in the EmEditor Free Help because these features aren’t available in EmEditor Free. Please download and use EmEditor Professional to use these features. Thank you for clarifying thse issues.