Yutaka Emura

First of all, you can use EmEditor without internet connection.

And EmEditor is not spyware. It does not send your personal information. It merely sends a part of your registration key without your email address when you register and when EmEditor checks for updates.

If you don’t want EmEditor send your registration key, please select “Never” from the Update Checker option, and then EmEditor will never connect to the Internet except once when you register your copy of EmEditor.

Sending registration key at time of registering the key is necesssary in order to fight against software piracy. When I looked at the server log, I was astonished to see so many people use EmEditor without valid keys. We had to validate keys to prevent software piracy in order for us to keep developing EmEditor in coming years.

However the validation is not so strictly enforced. If you don’t have internet connection, the validation will be ignored.

Thanks for using EmEditor!