lexxmt2 wrote:
Personaly I choose EmEditor as it not require activation (comparing to other editors on purchase time) For me this was advantage over other editors, now it not

I assume you use emeditor for other reasons as well so there is still reasons why you prefer emeditor and not just because of “no activation”?

Unless i’m wrong emeditor do not have a limit how many times you can activate so should not cause a problem if you reinstall or move emeditor to a new computer. Also as Yutaka already said validation is not required so if you have no internet connection it will still work. So basically the only change since version 8 is that some info is sent to emurasoft when you enter your serial if connected to internet, but no personal info is being sent. I cannot really see how the activation should be a problem for the paying customers in this case. I have seen far worse way of implemeting activation for software.

I guess you should blame those that is too cheap to pay a few buck for this great editor.