I am now 99\% sure that there is something wrong with my Windows XP setup.

I have tried the registry change you detail above on 2 seperate Windows XP installations.

The first works fine when I make the change

The problematic one did not have a key of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*shell

so I created it and the keys and value underneath this.

After making this change there is no EmEditor at all on my context menu. I tried rebooting my PC without any success.

I think I am just going to have to live with the fact that the context menu doesn’t work with EmEditor on one of my PCs

UPDATE since writing this

I have managed to get a shortcup working from the context menu.
I have done this by using a freeware 3rd party tool called filemenu tools from Lopesoft.

This allowed me to configure what I have on my Windows context menu and I have added an item for EmEditor and it works fine.

My problems appears to be solved by using this.

Thanks for all your help and patience