Yutaka Emura

stevec wrote:
I have recently started using emeditor and love it loads.

However I have been having problems opening files using the right click menu (context menu) in Windows XP.

I cright click on a text file in Windows XP and select the item “EmEditor” from the context menu and nothing happens.

If I run from a desktop or start menu shortcut it runs fine.
I am running Windows XP SP3 and I am running EmEditor Professional version 8.00

Can anyone please help?



Did you try restarting Windows? If you still have this issue, go to the Shortcut tab of the Customize dialog box, click “More Shortcuts…” button, and uncheck “Add a shortcut to the Context Menu on Explorer” check box. Click OK, and OK. Try again the same except check “Add a shortcut to the Context Menu on Explorer” this time. Click OK and OK. Now do you see the difference?