I tried your second method but it’s not convenience for me because i have to do it again if i re-install your program.

I would like to spend my time to save all the settings and restore it if i re-install emeditor. I’m sure there is a way to have ‘default directory’ option in emeditor.

thank you for listenning.

In EmEditor, I have not implemented the default directory option within EmEditor, because Windows has its ability to set the “current directory” for each process. Did you try the second method:

… Alternatively, display the Properties for the EmEditor shortcut that you usually use to run EmEditor, and add /cd in the Target text box. For instance, if the install folder of EmEditor is “C:Program FilesEmEditor”, enter “C:Program FilesEmEditoremeditor.exe” /cd. Moreover, fill the Start in text box as a folder you want to open from.