Yutaka Emura

letmein7 wrote:
Thank you for your response. I tried your suggestion but it does not work like way i really want because i don’t want it to remember the last folder when it should always remember the ‘open default directory’.

‘Remember the last folder’ is inconvenience because it is always different.

In ultraedit32, it has ‘open default directory’ and ‘save default directory’ option and what it means is if you open a file from any location in your computer, it always points to your ‘open default directory’ or ‘save default directory’.

I hope you understand what i’m saying. It’s my suggestion. Thank you.

In EmEditor, I have not implemented the default directory option within EmEditor, because Windows has its ability to set the “current directory” for each process. Did you try the second method:

… Alternatively, display the Properties for the EmEditor shortcut that you usually use to run EmEditor, and add /cd in the Target text box. For instance, if the install folder of EmEditor is “C:Program FilesEmEditor”, enter “C:Program FilesEmEditoremeditor.exe” /cd. Moreover, fill the Start in text box as a folder you want to open from.