Yutaka Emura


Thanks for sharing your concern. But don’t worry. I make sure the text editor launches as fast as previous versions every time when I upgrade.

Here is the average launch time for each major version. I tested on a Virtual Machine (average time except the first launch).

v8.06 —— 0.110 sec
v9.17 —— 0.104 sec
v10 RC18 — 0.083 sec

As you can see, the launch speed is about the same within error. The test shows v10 is actually faster than v9 in launch speed. This is I believe because it gets rid of Diff plug-in, and several localized DLLs for plug-ins have been deprecated and combined with the core locale file (emedloc.dll). But I would say this is still in error range.

When I add a new feature, I always consider optimization, and I wouldn’t add a feature that might make the overall program slower. The code needed for comparison feature was not as much as you might think, and all the code for the UI (dialog boxes) were added as DLL files (emeddlgt.dll and emeddlgs.dll). On the other hand, plug-ins have to be loaded at launch time because EmEditor needs to show icons and text for the menus. I am going to further optimize for the speed in future versions.