Adding an “x” button to a tab will not use any extra space. You can now configure tabs to have an EmEdit icon, a document type icon, or no icon. I am asking that users be given another choice, to add an “x” icon to the tab that can be used to close the tab. User’s who want this feature would choose it instead of the other icons. This would take no extra space.

A close button may not be useful to everyone, but many people would like it. That’s why there are “x” close buttons on tabs in Firefox and Eclipse.

People like the “x” button to close things. That’s why you see it at the top right corner of amost every window in almost every operating system on almost every computer in the world.

The Ctrl-w keyboard shortcut does close a tab in EmEdit and Firefox. But many other applications do not use this convention, for example: TextPad, Intellij IDEA, and KeyNote. This demonstrates one of the main problems with keyboard shortcuts, they’re not very universal. Ctrl-W has different uses in different programs. Not all programs let you remap these shortcuts.

Most mice have only two buttons, so closing a tab with a middle button isn’t that helpful either.

Clicking an “x” on a tab to close that tab would be a nice addition to EmEdit.