Another feature request: Have “compare” use the built in window’s vertical dividers instead of popping open a new window. New windows are a pain to control. If you X out/close a window while comparing, the first window’s size and position won’t reset. You have to uncheck compare for it to “reset”.

New feature: Currently vertical splitting only shows a new view of the current file open. It’d be nice to be able to have two different files open in that horizontal/vertical split. Again, this can be accomplished right now by setting up windows similarly to the compare mode. But again, controlling windows is more of a pain than handling sliders and have them grouped together in a single parent window.

BUG: While comparing 2 files, if you “rescan changes”, sometimes the windows/tabs will be flipped. For example, if you have Window 1 on the left, and window 2 on the right and you hit the keyboard shortcut for rescan changes, window 2 will flip to the left and window 1 will be on the right.