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    Greetings! First of all, thank you for having this wonderful product. Love it.

    Imagine this scenario: I have to do a comparison of two like reports to make sure things have not changed. I have a report called Pipeline and another one called Scorecard. I want to check two fields of each report with 100s of row. I open EmEditor and I get a new empty note called Untitled-7, and I paste the Pipeline data there. After that, get a new empty note called Untitled-8, and I paste the Scorecard data there. I then due comparison and on top I have one side Untitled-7 and the other side Untititled-8. Now, I forgot which one was which. The beautiful thing, whichi I am asking is for the user to be able to double-click on the title Untitled-7 and rename it to Pipeline-7 and also double click on the other one and rename it ScoreCard-8. This would be so helpful. That way, if I want to save it, it already has a name. Let me know if this is not clear enough. thanks.

    PS: Keep up the good work. By the way, at first when you created the CVS tools, and look, I was a bit irate. I was like, “Why?” But, now, this is my place to do comparisons. :-) Excel has been replaced. ;-) Thanks again.

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