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    Yutaka Emura

    Today, we are releasing EmEditor v20.1 beta 2 (20.1.902).

    Updates from beta 1 (20.1.901) include:

    • Fixed a pre-v20.1 bug where saving a very large files could crash EmEditor.
    • Fixed a v20.1 bug where EmEditor could crash when opening a very large file and switch to a CSV mode or edit files.
    • Fixed a v20.1 bug where EmEditor could have failed to detect a NULL character in a file when opening a very large file.
    • Clarified a message displayed when detected >2G file during Replace in Files without the Keep Modified Files Open option.
    • Improved the speed of GetColumn, InsertColumn, and SetColumn methods of macros, and of inserting a column in a CSV mode.
    • Fixed bugs reported by customers (1).

    Notes: Beta versions are updated frequently. If you use the installer version, please select Select Update Channel on the Help menu, and select Betas in order to update automatically to future beta versions. Beta versions can also be downloaded at Previous versions.

    Please post any questions or comments in this forum, or Contact us.
    Thank you for trying EmEditor beta!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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