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    Yutaka Emura

    We are releasing beta versions (v11.1 or later) more frequently than before as “head-start” versions. If you would like to try new features sooner than regular released updates, please use these head-start versions. However, if you would like stable versions, please use the release version at the Download page.

    Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v11.1.7 beta.

    Updates from v11.1.6 beta include:



    – Fixed the issue where EmEditor could crash on a tag jump from a split window.
    – Fixed the bug with a certain vertical selection issue.
    – Fixed the bug with a certain drag and drop issue.

    – Fixed the bug with the F3 key when the Find dialog is in foreground.

    === To Download ===

    If you are already using v11.1.x beta, you can Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the update. If you are still using the released version, this new beta version will not be checked automatically from the EmEditor update checker. However, once you install this beta version, new future beta versions will be checked automatically.

    Please click one of the links below to download: (32-bit installer) (64-bit installer) (32-bit portable)

    The portable version runs more slowly than the one using the Registry, and some features including the update checker are disable for the portable version. We recommend the installers, and not the portable version.

    The portable version can be created by installing using the installer, and selecting “Import and Export” on the “Tools” menu, and “Set up a removable drive such as a USB drive with default settings”.


    Only English, Japanese, and Korean user interfaces are up-to-date.

    Explorer windows may be automatically closed during the upgrade install.

    The registration key for v11 is the same as the key for v10. If you are a registered user of EmEditor Professional v10 or v11, you can have your registration key resend at:

    The release version of this beta will be v12, and the registration key will be different from v11. Unless you have registered your licenses at Emurasoft Customer Center before November 1, 2011 or have subscribed Premium Support, you will need to purchase an upgrade when v12 is released. The v12 release date is not decided, but the release target is around September 2012.

    Thank you for using EmEditor Professional!


    Can we *ever* expect another stable release please ?
    Or will this beta cycle last for another year ?


    This is IMHO an unkind remark. Why don’t you just ignore the betas and wait for the “stable” one?


    Salabim: I think you’re a bit out-of-line on this one. The stable releases come out plenty fast enough as far as I’m concerned.


    Salabim: it’s done when it’s done.
    Your post is not that polite, but maybe it’s your skill in english language?


    Salabim: Its not easy developing software. It takes time and effort. Having regular beta versions is more than you get with some software developers.


    This whole discussion about beta versions brought to my mind a feature request.

    The reason I never tested beta versions of EE was the possibility of the new version crashing when the EE was run in a different environment(s) than what Yutaka tested it on. I resent the hassle brought on by the requirement to reinstall older versions.

    However, if beta versions could be installed side-by-side with the production one I would gladly test each and every one of them! The reason why I would do it dear Salabim is that this way I might prevent future hassles when I do install the so called “production” version. You see, surprise surprise, “production” versions contain bugs too :-(.

    So, it is in your best interest to thoroughly test a new version in your environment!

    And now for Yutaka: Is that a major change???


    Yes,I strongly agree with mguttman!
    In Windows Registry,I find,No matter version 3/4/5/…/10/11,EmEditor is always reg to “EmEditor v3” item.
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEmSoftEmEditor v3]
    So it causes what mguttman said.
    Maybe version 11 should reg to
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEmSoftEmEditor v11]
    Than V.11 will be at peace with old version.
    btw,beta or no beta,in my mind,it just be a name,why mind too use no bug findings.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi mguttman,

    You can install the portable version (INI version) of the beta (or any version) side-by-side with the current version.

    However, I would recommend you to install the Installer version so that you will not have any issues with the file extension associations or shortcuts. The installer versions run faster than the portable versions. After you use the installer to install the beta version, if you are not satisfied with the new version, you can simply uninstall it, and install an older version. When you uninstall, the uninstaller will ask you whether you want to save your personal settings, and you can select ‘Yes’ to save all your settings. I do this kind of uninstall and install all the time, and there was no problem.

    And, please don’t worry about beta. I believe the current latest beta (v11.1.7) is very stable — as stable as the current release version (v11.0.5), and there should be nothing to worry about. Because of a little nice new features available only on the new beta, I would definitely use the new version!



    Thanks for the reply, and sorry for sounding unpolite, as stefan said, it was a *weird* way of translating, definatelly not intended as a harsh question.

    Great to know the current beta is just as fine as a stable. :-)


    It does seem so, I`ve been using it for awhile now with no issues.

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