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    I`m not sure if this is me or a bug.

    In my configuration I have the option ‘Remember Last Folder’ checked. So, I go into a folder and open a file. I close the file, but when I click open again I`m not in the directory that file was in. I have to keep re-navigating to it.

    I have also noticed that ‘Property for All Configurations’ doesn`t always work. For example, I set the current line colour for all as black. I open a PHP file and its grey. I go into the PHP confguration and change it to black there and its ok.

    This isn`t a problem. I have just purchased EmEditor and I`m finding my way around it. Its fantastically fast thats for sure and very nice. I just need to get the options for my coding style.

    Thank you.

    Yutaka Emura

    When you go to the Open dialog box, EmEditor will open from the current folder, and the current folder is the same folder as the currently selected document. If you want to open from a certain folder, there are many ways to do this. You can use the recently used folder list. Or, you can right click on the recetnly used file list menu, and select “Open from this folder”. If a file in that particular folder is already open, you can right-click on that tab, and then select the “Open from this folder”.

    I am not sure about Properties for All Configurations issue, but if you can reproduce ths issue, I will try to fix the issue.

    Thank you!


    Thanks Yutaka.

    EmEditor is fantastic I have to say. I`ve tried many many text editors and yours is by far the best.

    If I continue to have issues with the configuration I`ll let you know. It doesn`t bother me too much to be honest.


    What does the ‘Remember Last Folder’ actually do?

    I would have assumed that if would remember the last folder of the last file I had open?

    So, I have a file open from ‘folder1’, close the editor, re-open, when I click to open a file I would expect focus to be on that same folder?

    It seems to revert back to any previous folder.

    [Edit] To get it to open from the last folder used, you have to click to open the same file twice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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