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    Issue 1:
    > Two-step shortcut keys are now displayed in menus.
    But it’s not working correctly here:
    I’ve assigned Alt+2/3/4/5 (and other keys) to the UserMenus.
    From v17.7.92, all the 2-step shortcuts (in all the UserMenus) begin with “Alt+5>”.
    Then after I removed Alt+5, all of them begin with “Alt+3>”.
    Then after I removed Alt+3, all of them begin with “Alt+4>”.
    I didn’t test further.

    I think this should be an option.
    I know how to use the 2-step shortcuts. But actually I don’t use them. I’d rather let the menu show (Delay Time = 0) and see the underlined letters (which are enough for me when I want to use the 2-step shortcuts).

    Issue 2:
    7 of the plug-ins have shortcut keys here.
    Now each of the 7 has quadruplets:



    Issue 1+:
    Large UserMenus are slower since v.92.
    I guess 2-step key scanning is the reason.

    Issue 2+:
    I reassigned the 7 keys and they seem well now.
    I guess this issue had something to do with this annoying issue:
    which seems to have been fixed. You must have done something. Thank you!


    Yutaka Emura

    I removed the 2-step shortcut key feature on v17.7.94 for now. I am not sure if I restore this feature in the future.



    When a shortcut key triggers multiple snippets, we get a menu.
    Is it possible to make the menu support &Accelerator Keys? which would be more intuitive than serial numbers. And the order would be less important.

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