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    I have an xml file that I want to edit a bit. Problem is that it comes up largely, actually completely, as one very long line. Since it was generated by another app I’m reluctant to reformat it for my purposes.
    Is it possible through a plug-in or some such to render this code as it appears in Firefox or IE? That is, indented and single lines per tag?
    This is probably a duh and I did search but all I found were fairly esoteric Q&A.
    TIA… Bob



    You can use any command line tool, like “HTML Tidy” (

    Download, unpack (I have a sub folder “Tools” in my EmEditor folder)

    and add a EmEditor Tool:

    Tools > External Tools > Customize Tools > New
    Title: HTML Tidy -xml
    Command: .\Tools\HTMLTidy\tidy_(25mar2009)\tidy.exe
    Arguments: -xml -i -q “$(Path)”
    [X] Use Output Bar
    Input: Document
    Output: Replace Document

    For example see for more: 

    (Currently I don’t know how to just replace the document without opening the output bar ???)

    Open your file. run the new tool, close Output bar, done.

    HTH? ;D



    Thanks. I found a macro that does it quite nicely: XMLFormatter.jsee


    Scott Beeson

    For anyone else who finds this, if you copy and paste Stefan’s settings be sure you replace the HTML quotes with normal quotes!

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