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CSE HTML Validator plug-in 7.01 released

The CSE HTML Validator plug-in (32-bit) has been updated. This plug-in validates HTML (or CSS) documents using CSE HTML Validator.

CSE HTML Validator Version 8.00 or later is required to use this plug-in, and can be found at http://www.htmlvalidator.com/. Any edition (Professional, Standard, or Lite (Free)) can be used, but only the Professional and Standard Editions can validate CSS documents, and also allow you to choose the Validation Mode.

The newest version (Version 7.01) allows you to check hyperlinks in HTML documents if the Professional or Standard Edition of CSE HTML Validator v8 or later is installed.

Downlaod CSE HTML Validator plug-in (32-bit)

Emurasoft recommends CSE HTML Validator Professional Edition.

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