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EmEditor v17.3.0 beta 1

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v17.3.0 beta 1.

Notes: Beta versions are updated frequently. In order to update automatically to future beta versions, please select Select Update Channel on the Help menu, and select Betas.

Updates from v17.2.5 include:

New General Features

  • In the CSV Cell Selection Mode, dragging a border of the selected cell(s) moves or copies the selection. While the whole column(s) or line(s) are selected, dropping with the SHIFT key reorders the column(s) or line(s).
  • Numbers (such as line numbers and columns) in the Status Bar are displayed as 3-digit separated numbers (depending on the Region and Language settings on Windows).
  • The Onigmo version was updated to v6.1.3. Regular expression new features such as Absent Operator are available.
  • Changed the font size in dialog boxes from 8 point to 9 point.
  • Greatly improved the speed of editing while many cells were selected and the ENTER key was pressed.

New Options

  • Restored the Enable Double-Clicking Only check box to the Link page of configuration properties.
  • Added the Auto check box to the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box.
  • Added the Enable Drag and Drop to Move or Copy Cells in Cell Selection Mode check box to the CSV page of the Customize dialog box.

New Commands

  • Move Column Right
  • Move Column Left

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customer-reported issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

To Download

These files will be deleted when official release versions become available. The official releases can be downloaded at the Download page.

Please post any questions or comments at Beta Forums.

Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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