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EmEditor Professional v12.0.8 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v12.0.8.

Updates from v12.0.7 include:

– Improved “Find in Files” in very large files.
– Fixed the bug where sort commands didn’t work correctly when text was not selected on the 32-bit version of EmEditor.
– Fixed a certain tab column issue.
– Fixed the bug where eeFindSaveHistory didn’t work on the FindInFiles and ReplaceInFiles method in macros.
– Fixed a certain UI issue in the Replace Batch dialog box.
– Removed duplicate highlight strings in JavaScript for EmEditor and VBScript for EmEditor configuration.
– Adjusted and Fixed the page margin issues.
– Fixed a certain issue related to regular expression multi-line search.
– Fixed a certain issue related to the Projects plug-in.
– Adjusted the default Ruby auto indent regular expressions.
– Fixed the bug where FindRepeat might have been recorded twice for each Find Next command.

Please see EmEditor Professional v12 New Features for details.

=== To Download ===

If you are already using EmEditor Professional v12, you can Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the update.


Registration keys for v12 are different from the keys for v11. Some customer need to purchase an upgrade.

Your can confirm your specific upgradability at


Please check this above link, and get v12 registration keys beforehand if you have not received a v12 key. After checking the above link, you can also purchase upgrades online.

For more details about upgrading, please see our announcement “Upgrading to EmEditor Professional v12″

Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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