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EmEditor Professional v12.0.9 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v12.0.9.

This version doesn’t support Windows 2000 anymore. Updates from v12.0.8 include:

– Fixed the bug where when “Auto Save” and “Save to Auto Save Folder” check boxes on the Auto Save tab of configuration properties are checked, a very large file might be corrupted after the specified time is passed and also saving the file manually. The bug existed all versions from v7 through v12.0.8.

– Changed the specification — the Auto Save feature is disabled while opening a very large file.

– Changed the default number of digits for the line numbers back from 2 to 4.

– The specification of the clipboardData.getData method changed to — when the second parameter of the clipboardData.getData method is -1, the method retrieves the actual content of the Clipboard, and when it is 0, the method retrieves the most recent string in the Clipboard history. When the second parameter is abbreviated, -1 is specified by default.

– Fixed CR only and LF only code values when displayed by the “Character Code Value” command.

– Fixed the bug when the “Wrap Indent” is checked on the Tab/Indent dialog box, undoing after pasting large text might have crashed EmEditor.

Please see EmEditor Professional v12 New Features for details.

=== To Download ===

If you are already using EmEditor Professional v12, you can Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the update.


Registration keys for v12 are different from the keys for v11. Some customer need to purchase an upgrade.

Your can confirm your specific upgradability at


Please check this above link, and get v12 registration keys beforehand if you have not received a v12 key. After checking the above link, you can also purchase upgrades online.

For more details about upgrading, please see our announcement “Upgrading to EmEditor Professional v12″

Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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