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EmEditor v14.1.0 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v14.1.0.

Updates from v14.0.1 include:

New General Features
– Enhanced multiple selections: you can now use SHIFT + RIGHT or LEFT keys to extend the selection while multiple selections are made.
– Line comments up to 15 characters long can be specified now (used to be up to 3 characters long).
– The color of Bookmarked lines can be specified now.
– The current line color is now kept even while a selection is made.
– You can now set a default initial folder for each configuration. When an untitled document is saved, the Save As dialog box will be initialized with the specified initial folder. Notes that if a known folder (such as Documents, Pictures, etc.) is specified, the Windows system might redirect the folder location. If the Sky Drive integration is set on Windows 8.1, the Documents folder might be redirected to the Sky Drive Documents folder.

New options
– The Bookmarked Lines item was added to the Specified Part list box in the Display tab of Configuration Properties.
– The “Do not show this message again” check box was added to the Access Denied dialog box to skip this prompt message. This dialog box is displayed when EmEditor tries to save a file in the Program Files or Windows system folder. This setting will be not be remember between EmEditor sessions, so the prompt message will show up again after you restart EmEditor.
– The Set Initial Folder check box and Initial Folder text box were added to the New File Details dialog box.

New commands
– Reset All Settings

Macro new features
– The InitialFolder property was added to the FileNewProp object.
– The SetInitialFolder property was added to the FileNewProp object.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed the bug where text drag & drop while pressing CTRL didn’t update the cursor position correctly.

Notes: Only English, Japanese, and Korean user interfaces are up to date. New features may remain in English in other language user interfaces.

Please see EmEditor v14 New Features for details.

You can downlaod EmEditor v14 at

V14 is free upgrade from v13. To use v14, you will need a v14 registration key. If you have valid v13 licenses, you can view your free v14 registration keys at Emurasoft Customer Center.
80% of our customers already have lifetime licenses. Even if you haven’t installed v13, please click the above link to check if you can upgrade to v14.

Please also read: Announcing our policy change to rapid development, and introducing a maintenance plan.

Thank you for using EmEditor.

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