By chance I found the answer to point 1. myself:
Menu “Tools” > “Properties for All Configurations” – “Outline”…
Here you have to create the entries for the outline points under “Find”, e.g.
< = Level 1
[ = Level 2
{ = Level 3
& = Level 4
* = Level 5

If necessary, in the menu “Tools” > “Properties for Current Configuration Alt+ENTER” in the relevant document
still require an adjustment.

For point 2. I tried Google with the following query: Outline site:https://www.emeditor.com
and found a suitable answer for me under point 1.:
Solution: https://www.emeditor.com/forums/topic/how-to-customize-the-outline-plugin/
Each level ends when it find the same level begin.

Please consider my request as closed.