I think we have a problem here. Please follow these steps:
1. Open a blank Excel worksheet
2. click on A1
3. Type line1
4. Press the ALT-Key, and hit the ENTER key
5. Type line2
6. Press the ALT-Key, and hit the ENTER key
7. Type line3
8. Click on B1
9. Type line1 hit ENTER
10. Type line2 hit ENTER
11. Type line3 hit ENTER

When I grab A1 through B3 and paste it on EmEditor with Tab separated file, it gives me this error. It should not. I just have 6 cells. 1 cell (A1), has 3 lines; 3 other cells have 1 line. The problem is that EmEditor is not recognizing single cells with multiple lines. This is the representation of this copy and paste on this forum:
Line3” Line1

If I paste this on EmEditor, it gives me 3 errors. It’s not an error because it’s a correct Tab separated syntax. Or am I wrong? Thanks for your wonderful tool.