** Now all the items are checked when Batch board is open.
The status of the checkboxes should be remembered.

The current design for batch item editing is not acceptable for me:
Changing in the left board should NOT immediately change the selected item(s). I’d rather click a “Save” button to confirm the change.
Should use double-click or an “Edit” button to send the item to the left board.
Should revert the current search in the left board afterwards (if the user didn’t trigger the change during the editing).
In a word, operations for batch item editing should be explicit.
(I damaged some of my items while testing…)

Should be able to insert an item at the current position by using “Add”, rather than change the order afterwards.

After adding/editing, the list should scroll to that item.

I don’t see why the buttons below should be disabled while Batch board is open:
“Select All” button in “Find” dialog.
“Replace” button in “Replace” dialog.
“Extract” button in “Find in Files” dialog.