I would very much like it on Linux too.
I have my lifetime licence for EmEditor but have to use Geany on my Linux (Debian 10, XFCE / and / Raspbian 10, Raspberry Pi OS, LXDE).
I completely abandoned Windows for Linux, except on my office computer, but it’s on my personal PC that I would like to go on using EmEditor of course. :)

I know more and more people switching to Linux, especially “geeks”.
It must be difficult to compete with the other Notepad++, Scite, Ultra Edit, etc.
I think a cross platform could give another good competitive asset.
I guess “geeks” are more prone to use EmEditor than the average Joe who just uses wordpad.exe or notepad.exe.

But it’s true that it must be totally difficult to have developers very knowledgeable in both OS and with the time to manage both OS.
Except if there is some framework that could allow a single code to compile for both OS?

In the meantime, maybe we should try hard to install EmEditor recent version with Wine, but I really have no clue how to do that.
I already tried with foobar2000 but I couldn’t achieve a good result and am now using Audacious instead, forgot about all my loved features.