Hi Yutaka,

1. Create a new text file in EmEditor.
2. Type and/or copy at least 33 different strings to clipboard so the popup menu of the Paste button is full (I am not sure if 33 is the maximum number of items in the popup menu, but I can’t add more strings without losing the first ones).

For example, I will use the following strings:


The popup menu of the Paste button should contain 33 items now (string1 to string33, where string33 (last copied string) becomes the first item (#1) of the popup menu and string1 (first copied string) becomes the last one (#33)).

string33 (#1)
string32 (#2)
string31 (#3)

string3 (#31)
string2 (#32)
string1 (#33)

3. Click the arrow next to the Paste button and using the displayed popup menu, try to insert some of the items. It works just fine until you click the last (33rd) menu item (string1). In this case, nothing happens and string1 is not inserted.

– Using the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+V or the Cycle Clipboard Ring button is not affected.
– This bug does not occur when the popup menu contains only 32 or less items.