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    Yutaka Emura

    EmEditor Professional v10 RC 1 (9.90.10) is available for download.

    Updates from beta 9 include:

    – Please note that a new registration key for v10 is required to run this program. v9 registered users can request a registration key for v10 in the Purchase History page at Emurasoft Customer Center

    – More color/line items were added to the Display tab of configuration properties. The Dotted Line check box in the Scroll tab of configuration properties was deprecated. You might loose your color settings if you upgrade from v10 beta versions.

    – “Right Document”, “Left Document”, “Enable Shortcut Keys (for Output Bar)”, “Tab Columns (popup menu)”, “Indent Columns (popup menu)”, “Next Pane or Custom Bar”, and “Previous Pane or Custom Bar” commands were added.

    – “Switch to Last Used Document for Next Document Command” check box is restored.

    – 16 new Toolbar buttons were added.

    – In Word Complete plug-in, the Exclude Matched and Same-Length Word from the Candidate List check box was added to the Options tab of the plug-in properties.

    – The Use English when Localized Item Not Available check box was added to the Language tab of the Customize dialog box.

    – The 256 color button in the Toolbars dialog box was deprecated.

    – Help updated.

    – Support for Windows 2000 was discontinued.

    – Boost library updated to Version 1.42.

    – Some plug-in localized DLL were removed and integrated into emedloc.dll for easier localization.

    For details of other new features and screenshots of EmEditor Professional 10, please see:

    Please download: (32-bit) (64-bit)

    It is recommended that you uninstall previous v9 before you install a new version.

    This RC version requires you to enter a registration key for v10. Please go to Emurasoft Customer Center , Purchase History to request a new registration key for v10.

    This version expires on May 31, 2010. Before this date, you will need to update to then newer version, or purchase the release version.

    The portable version can be produced from the Import/Export wizard on the Tools menu after you use the installer. However, the portable version runs slower than the one using the Registry.

    Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or bug reports in this forum.

    Thank you for trying EmEditor RC versions!


    The 256 color button in the Toolbars dialog box was deprecated


    The result of this sanction can you see here: EmEditor 10-RC3 on Windows 2000-SP4.

    Not really pretty.


    @MariaK: According to the change log in the opening post, support for Windows 2000 has been dropped. Windows 2000 was probably the last Windows version to use that kind of button.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello Maria,

    Maria, I am sorry I didn’t realize you were still using Windows 2000. I resumed support for Windows 2000 SP4 on RC3 because of some feedback from Windows 2000 users. However, the only 16 colors and True Color bitmaps are supported now. 256 color bitmaps are not support any more. There always have been issues developing 256 color bitmaps, and as we need to add more command buttons to toolbars, we dropped the 256 color support altogether.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.
    Thank you!


    And what should, in your opinion, all the Windows 2000 users do now?

    On the one hand you write »Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 SP4/Server 2008/Server 2003«, on the other hand you deny any support for 256 color icons (Windows 2000 do not support icons with alpha transparency). That does not fit.

    I’m very disappointed about your policy.

    Yutaka Emura


    I am sorry we didn’t support true color. We support Windows 2000 SP4, but that is when you use 16 color mode. True color is not supported on Windows 2000. Please continue using EmEditor with 16 color mode.

    If you have further questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,


    Please continue using EmEditor with 16 color mode.

    No, I will not do that. And I will not use EmEditor 10 anymore. That’s my final consequence from this affair.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi Maria,

    I made the True Color work on Windows 2000 SP4 on the next version of v10 (RC 8). Although the toolbar on Windows 2000 may not look exactly same as the toolbar with the true alpha layer on Windows XP+, most people won’t see the difference. Please try when it becomes available.

    Thank you,


    No, I will not do that. And I will not use EmEditor 10 anymore. That’s my final consequence from this affair.

    Aren’t you a little overreacting? It’s the function not the look of the buttons whats important. And by the way: Even Microsoft is abandoning Win2K.

    You did a great work with EmEditor. I just switched over to it and no major complaints so far. Just missing a function to layout code properly with one click (espacially HTML) but i can understand your decision to keep the codebase nice, simple and clean. Can hardly wait for v10 and its new outline and diff features.

    so long

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello ADT,

    Thanks for using EmEditor Professional!

    If I understand your question correctly, “HTML Tidy” might work best for you. An example as to how you configure an external tool, please see the EmEditor Professional 9 feature page or

    Please let me know if you have further questions. Thank you!


    Yeah! I allready tried this, but I’m not quite satisfied with HTMLTidy. In fact I allways minimized my use of it because I don’t like it’s approach to correct mistakes in the code. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably a good idea but it was abused by the community so they can produce sh…. HTML markup and rely on HTMLtidy to correct the mess. As you might have seen in the plug-in forum i already posted a request, for either integrating into outline or helping me writing a new plugin (tutorials, api-description aso. ).



    The download link didn’t work. Can you please check it?

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello roblumba,

    I removed older versions. Please download the latest version available in this forum. Currently, RC 8.

    Thank you.

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