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    Yutaka Emura

    Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v13 beta 10 (12.9.9).

    Updates from beta 9 include:
    – Fixed the issue where the automatic workspace with Undo information might have been corrupted if a large file size is a little less than the size specified as the Minimum File Size to Use Temporary File at the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box.
    – The new version allows you to save a modified file when the file is too large to be included in a workspace.
    – Fixed other bugs.

    Please see EmEditor Professional v13 New Features.

    === To Download ===

    Please click one of the links below to download. The Update Checker is not available for beta versions. (32-bit installer) (64-bit installer) (32-bit portable)


    Since this is a beta version, there might be some bugs left, and that is normal. Only English and Japanese user interfaces are up-to-date. The Help is not up-to-date.

    This beta release can be tried with a registration key for v12. Registration keys for v13 will be different from the keys for v12. When v13 is released, some customers will need to purchase upgrades. If you purchase v12 now, you will receive a free key for v13 when v13 is released.

    To change from EmEditor Professional to EmEditor Free, select the Quick Launch (CTRL+Q) on the Tools menu, type “downgrade”, and press Enter twice. To change from EmEditor Free to EmEditor Professional, select the Quick Launch (CTRL+Q) on the Tools menu, type “upgrade”, and press Enter twice.

    Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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