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    Yutaka Emura

    This message contains changelog regarding v21.8 beta. The information is being updated as more beta versions are released.

    Please post any questions or comments in this forum, or Contact us. Thank you for trying EmEditor beta!

    To update
    If you use the installer version, please select Customize Update Checker on the Help menu, and set the Include beta versions in order to update automatically to future beta versions. Beta versions can also be downloaded at Previous versions.

    beta 1 (21.7.901)

    • Fixed a bug where EmEditor could crash when you select the Character Code Value command on certain characters.
    • Fixed issues related to the Compare command with the Split Vertically option.

    beta 2 (21.7.902)

    • Fixed the “This operation does not support regular expression, number ranges, or search strings including newlines.” error might have appeared in normal Find in Files.
    • Fixed the document tabs might not be arranged correctly when resized under a certain condition.

    beta 3 (21.7.903)

    • Added the Oldest date modified and Newest date modified options to the Advanced dialog box (Find in Files).
    • Added EE_INFO_EX message, INFO_EX_DATA structure, and Editor_DocInfoEx inline function.
    • Fixed a bug related to the Delete Duplicate command while multiple selections exist.
    • Fixed a bug related to the AutoFill handle unable to drag beyond the last line.

    beta 4 (21.7.904)

    • Fixed a bug where EmEditor might have crashed on the Extract Bookmarked Lines to New File command on split windows.
    • Added EI_GET_CONFIG, EI_SET_CONFIG, EI_SAVE_FILE, alternative forms of Editor_DocGetModified, Editor_DocGetLines, Editor_GetLineW inline functions, and hDoc field to GET_LINE_INFO structure.

    beta 5 (21.7.905)

    • Fixed issues related split windows, status bar, Cell toolbar font, Toolbars dialog.

    beta 6 (21.7.906)

    v21.7.1 includes all bug fixes up to v21.7.906.

    beta 7 (21.7.907)

    • Added the Split View command to the Compare menu.
    • Fixed an issue with the Word Complete plug-in on v21.7.1.

    beta 8 (21.7.908)

    • Allowed regular expressions and number range expressions included in the list of searches/replacements while using Bulk Replace All in the Batch Replace dialog box, Bulk Find in the Find/Replace in Files dialog box, and Bulk Replace All in the Batch Replace in Files dialog box.
    • Added the Extract All Matched Strings command.
    • Fixed a bug where the Extract Matched Strings command extracted the last (not first) occurrence when a regular expression is used to filter.
    • Fixed a bug related to sync scrolling while comparing documents in a split window.
    • Fixed an issue with the Horizontal Line position when the Line Space is large.
    • Fixed a bug where EmEditor could crash when selecting CSV columns right to left while the Cell selection mode is off.
    • Fixed an issue where the New Group command did not set focus to the new group window.

    beta 9 (21.7.909)

    • Added the CommitList plug-in, which shows the Git history of the current document. The CommitList plug-in was developed by Makoto Emura.
    • Added the Filter Extract Options dialog box, Extract Options command, and removed Extract All Matched Strings command.
    • Added the nVisibleLinesAbove and nVisibleLinesBelow parameters to the Filter method of the Document object.
    • Fixed and optimized regex in Bulk Replace All.

    beta 10 (21.7.910)

    • Digitally signed the CommitList plug-in and its resource files.
    • Added the CommitList plug-in to the list of plug-ins when updated.

    beta 11 (21.7.911)

    v21.7.2 includes all bug fixes up to v21.7.911.

    beta 12 (21.7.912)

    • Allow long and short titles for the EI_SET_TITLE commands of the EE_INFO message and the Title property to the Document object.
    • Avoid flickering when the progress dialog appears.
    • Fixed an issue where the cell selection after moved by drag and drop was incorrect.
    • Window split positions are saved by ratios.

    beta 13 (21.7.913)

    • Fixed a bug related to Bulk Replace All with number range expressions.
    • Fixed a bug related to the Extract all matched strings option.
    • Fixed a crash on Multi-Find in the Batch Find dialog box.
    • Localized the Commit List plug-in.

    beta 14 (21.7.914)

    • Fixed a window layout issue on the previous beta versions.
    • Optimized Multi-Find Next and Multi-Find Previous in Batch Find.

    Notes: The CommitList plug-in might be possibly distributed separately from the main release in the future.


    v21.7.912 & v21.7.913 can only show text with narrowing window width,
    them can NOT use all screen width as old version,




    info UPDATE:
    Narrowing display for both width and height (not noly width !!)

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi hihihlo,
    I will fix this issue on v21.7.914.
    Thanks for your report.

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