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    Scott Beeson

    If there is I can’t find it. For instance, I just pasted some XML and it’s all on one line. In WebStorm I can click Edit > Reformat Code and it inserts linebreaks and tabs appropriately. Does EmEditor have such functionality?

    Patrick C

    I sometimes have the same problem with xhtml. Most likely you’ll need an external tool.
    In my case I use an external tool called htmltidy. Emeditor doesn’t seem to have integrated such a tool.

    Similar tools for xml exist; google for example lists:

    Hope this helps.


    Hi there,

    In EmEditor you can do such things by utilizing external command-line tools,
    for an HTML Tidy example see e.g. https://www.emeditor.com/forums/topic/xml-without-line-breaks/
    Tidy reads HTML, XHTML and XML files and writes cleaned up markup.
    Also you can g00gle e.g. for “Artistic Style” (http://astyle.sourceforge.net/)
    A Free, Fast, and Small Automatic Formatter for C, C++, C++/CLI, Objective‑C, C#, and Java Source Code
    There are many of them.
    Or search here the Library if there is a script already.

    If you need help on Tool setup, just ask.


    Patrick C

    Thank you Stefan!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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