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    I’m missing the possiblity to layout code (espacially HTML) with one click. My problem is, I often get the old and horribly layouted files from my customers and just want to layout and indent these for better viewing.

    Prior to EmEditor I used PSPad and there was a function to layout at least HTML according to the DOM.




    HTMLTidy is capable of doing this but the result isn’t quite what I expected not to mention other programming languages aren’t supported.

    IMHO this “Layout and Indent”-feature would be a great addition to the outline plugin which already can identify various code levels.

    If not, I want to know how i can write a plugin for EmEditor to achieve this goal.

    Scott Beeson

    This is the biggest feature I’m missing. I thought surely I just couldn’t find it. I constantly have to open Visual Studio or WebSense to reformat old blocks of code!


    Hi there,

    PSPad just utilize Tidy.exe
    You can do the same with EmEditor. see e.g.
    Also you can g00gle for “Artistic Style”



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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