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  • in reply to: two issues related to bookmarks #10470

    awsome! thank you! :-D

    in reply to: Head-start version: EmEditor Professional v11.1.6 beta #10259

    I really love Bookmark support improvements! just few more features to make it great :-)

    1. Please add Copy/Cut Bookmarked Lines feature

    2. Toggle Bookmark (Ctrl-F2) should affect ALL selected lines (not just the line with cursor)

    3a. Cut/Copy Append Selection to Clipboard
    3b. Cut/Copy Append Bookmarked Lines to Clipboard

    And one more I’ve asked for before:

    4. The “Marks” Toggle should toggle ALL marks, not just New Line and Tab


    in reply to: multiple select/copy/paste #10258

    they are currently working on better bookmark support (latest beta), which will accomplish that. you can bookmark the lines and copy to a new doc.

    in reply to: bookmarks #9722

    Thanks, I’ll be waiting… :-)
    Lack of those bookmark features (they are extremely useful) is the main reason I can’t switch to EmEd yet :-(

    With polish keyboard layout activated,
    you can type polish letters with right Alt:

    right Alt + a = ą
    right Alt + c = ć
    right Alt + e = ę
    right Alt + l = ł
    right Alt + n = ń
    right Alt + o = ó
    right Alt + s = ś
    right Alt + x = ź
    right Alt + z = ż

    Ctrl key is NOT used.

    Unloading the EmEditor tray icon fixes the problem.

    I guess Ctrl + Alt + … hotkeys are not compatible with international keyboard layout like mine :-(

    One more request:
    I noticed that the Marks toolbar button only toggles Ret, EoF, and Tab marks, does NOT toggle Space and other marks. I’d like the toolbar button to toggle ALL marks.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)