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    I reinstalled 19.8.0 and configured the Status setting to include Current Configuration as you suggested, and it did fix the issue, lol!

    I am glad you were able to reproduce the behavior and to hear it will be fixed in the next version.

    As always, thank you for all your high quality work and attentive responses to issues. Appreciated more than you can imagine.

    in reply to: Recent File History 19.8.0 #26737

    I have only ever used the 64bit Desktop version.
    I have sent you the exported settings, both from 19.7 and 19.8 along with screenshots documenting the issue (in email).
    In fact, I re-installed 19.8.0 today just to make sure. It very clearly only happens in 19.8 and behaves properly in 19.7.
    I am on Windows 10 Enterprise 17763.1098

    Thank you again.

    in reply to: Recent File History 19.8.0 #26734

    Also, I reverted to 19.7.0 and the Recent File History is behaving correctly.


    I came intending to submit a request for a “Visual Studio” – like Quick Launch and lo and behold it was there all along! Beautiful.


    Thank you, Yutaka. That fixes it. I even confirmed that turning Quick Start back on will cause it to exhibit the same behavior.
    I knew there was a ‘startup’ setting someplace, but I was looking under the ‘Windows’ page of the Customize box.

    For the record, I have owned EmEditor for 11 years if not longer, and this is only the second bug I have ever had to report!
    Thank you as always for one of the best software products on the planet.


    Yutaka responded to me immediately.
    In terms of a workaround, if you experience this issue, the following step will correct it:
    1. Tools -> Quick Launch -> Reset All Settings

    However, to save your previous settings, you can do the following BEFORE executing the “Reset All Settings”
    1. Tools -> Import and Export -> Export all settings into a registry file
    2. And then AFTER you “Reset all Settings”, run Tools -> Import and Export -> Import all settings from a registry file …and import the file you saved previously.
    Most of the old setttings will be restored correctly and the tray icon issue will not recur. You will probably lose your MRU lists. Toolbar customizations should be the same, but physical layout may be lost.

    Thank you to Yukata!

    in reply to: jQuery Development #16779

    Good suggestion, actually.
    I’ve written small ‘tutorial’ scripts using jQuery in EmEditor, and then using the ‘Web Preview’ plugin to view the results, and this works quite nicely.

    in reply to: syntax highlighting with regular expressions: performance #7837

    Thank you. I will send an email as well, but for the sake of the Forum, below is the syntax being used.
    And yes, I can turn off WordComplete, although it continues to function impressively quick.

    If you are familiar with the concept of “Structured Text” it is few simple markings, similar to wiki formatting, which have meaning for text output.
    If you are familiar with “txt2tags” (, it is a simple converter which takes text with structured markup and outputs it to a variety of formats, such as html, LaTeX, Wiki, etc.
    Now, the interesting fact is that there are several txt2tags syntax files for *nix editors (Vim, TextMate, etc) which highlight the structured syntax using Regular Expressions, so what I am trying to do is very common for other editors:

    ; Titles & Separator Lines
    #Keyword color=2,word=off,rightall=off,case=off,insidetag=off,regexp=on,rightall2=off
    ; Beautifiers (bold, italic, underline)
    #Keyword color=4,word=off,rightall=off,case=off,insidetag=off,regexp=on,rightall2=off
    (((/|_|*|-){2})[^^ -_].*(?<=[^^ -_])2)
    ; In-Line Pre-formatted
    #Keyword color=8,word=off,rightall=off,case=off,insidetag=off,regexp=on,rightall2=off
    ; Line Comment
    #Keyword color=10,word=off,rightall=on,case=off,insidetag=off,regexp=on,rightall2=off
    ; CamelCase – not part of structured text, but my own highlight of wiki words
    #Keyword color=6,word=off,rightall=off,case=on,insidetag=off,regexp=on,rightall2=off

    The biggest performance hit is using “Beautifiers”, that is, trying to highlight a phrase surrounded by two marks, of which there can be multiple on a line:
    e.g. //this is italic// and here is something __underlined__ or **bold words**.
    So I have a substitute expression that just highlights the marks, not the full match to decrease delays.

    Other examples which span a line and perform fine:
    == A Title Has 1 to 5 Marks On Each Side ==
    ++ Numbered Title ++
    ——etc (20 -,_ or = are equivalent to

    “ function(){show inlineCode;}“
    \% This would be a non-output comment.

    Thanks again for your attention, and this is a small inconvenience for such a great editor. I guess I am puzzled that a syntax file with hundreds of words shows no performance hit, nor Word Complete, neither does S&R with Regular Expressions, but only in the case of Regular Expressions in the DisplayHighlight configuration.

    in reply to: Macro clipboardData.clearData error in v9.01 #7713

    Okay, one more test occurred to me after I posted.

    The line “clipboardData.clearData()” fails if there is nothing in the clipboard.
    Since I have been using this macro for months, I am not sure if this is a new behavior or simply a very coincidental situation I never encountered before, but I would very likely have run the macro with an empty clipboard, at least once.

    I added this code, and now the line does not fail:
    var cpd = clipboardData.getData(“Text”);
    if(cpd.length > 0)

    I created a one line macro that simply clears the clipboard of any data in order to verify the conditions.

    In other words, if I highlight some text and perform a “copy”, then there is data in the clipboard and the macro works without the check clause.
    However, if I clear the data once, and then call the macros without checking, the line fails.

    This may be the correct behaviour, but as I said, seems odd that the exception was never raised before v9.01.

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