Warning Against crack, kegen, etc.

Warning Against crack, kegen, etc.

This is an important notice for all EmEditor users in order to protect your personal information.

Using crack, kegen, or other programs to get a registration key illegally or modify the program is extremely dangerous. These programs can install dangerous programs called ‘spyware’ into your computer without notice. Spyware can retrieve your credit card and other personal information, and then your personal information can be sold via the Internet. If an incident occurs, your credit cards can be used without your notice, and your email addresses can be used without your notice. Therefore, do NOT use these illegal programs. Emurasoft takes no responsibility for: the results of using, or support of the use of, keygens or cracked versions of EmEditor. If you have ever used crack or kegen programs, we strongly recommend you fully scan your computer using an anti-virus or anti-spyware program.

The following YouTube videos prove that crack and keygen programs are spyware.

Z.W.T software cracks install Spyware

Effects of crack programs and keygens on your PC

Most crack and keygen authors are not amateur, but they are professional developers who earn money by selling personal information. Again, do NOT use crack or keygen programs in order to protect your personal information.

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