Upcoming new feature: Encoding/Decoding Percent-encoding (URL Encoding)

We are excited to show you another new feature of the upcoming version of EmEditor. The new version can encode/decode text using percent-encoding (also called URL encoding). Please see the video I just captured today!

We are yet to decide when we release the new version, but we are working hard to release the new version as soon as possible. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Deipotent
    Deipotent says:

    As always, it’s good to see EmEditor’s continued development, and as there has been a couple of blog posts about new features in a new upcoming version, I just wanted to remind you of my suggestion for an “Extract Text” feature (with regex support) which I have mentioned a few times in the past


    As I’ve already said, EmEditor already has most of the functionality to add this feature – it’s just a case of hooking it up.

    It would allow EmEditor to be uses as a Data-mining/text extraction tool, and would also mean I could do without RegexBuddy.

  2. Deipotent
    Deipotent says:

    Thanks Yutaka! This now allows text extraction from Files, but doesn’t allow text extraction from text in Editor tabs.

    Hoping the complete suggestion (ie. including Find/Replace) can also make it into a near future update.

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