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EmEditor Professional 9.14 has been released!

EmEditor Professional 9.14 (full-version) is available for download.

Updates from 9.13 include:

– Removed the trial installation check from the full-verison installer. Nevertheless, you should uninstall already installed copy if the installed version is newer than one that you are going to install.

– If an unavailable network file exists in a project, the Projects plug-in now allows you to press ESC to cancel loading a solution file. Also, the “Show Read Only Icons” check box was added to the plug-in properties.

– Fixed Update Checker bug (it might have checked while EmEditor is unregistered even if the “Prompt before checking for updates” is checked).

– Fixed Replace dialog bug (checking “Search All Open Documents” should gray out “In the Selection Only” check box).

– Fixed the Snippets plug-in bug.

<<< To Download >>>

v9 users who already registered to Emurasoft Customer Center can go to https://support.emeditor.com/ to login, and then go to “Available Downloads” to download the latest versions.

If you have purchased older versions of EmEditor Professional (v4-8) before and if you have your registration key, you can upgrade to the latest version of EmEditor Professional for free by registering your product at Emurasoft Customer Center https://support.emeditor.com/.

Thank you for using EmEditor Professional!

Downloadable installers are scanned and verified free of viruses using Norton Internet Security 2010 and Microsoft Security Essentials with latest pattern files.

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