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EmEditor Professional v13.0.5 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v13.0.5.

Updates from v13.0.4 include:
– Fixed the bug where EmEditor might have crashed when the Highlight Matching Brackets check box is checked under a certain condition.
– Fixed the bug where matching brackets might not be highlighted even though the Highlight Matching Brackets check box is checked.
– Fixed the issue where the default the File Types is not correctly specified in Find in Files dialog box under a certain condition.
– Updated French (by Frederic VALERY) and Dutch (by Robert J. Klop) language interfaces.
– Fixed the bug where the “Save All” and “Save All with Encoding” commands might not have saved all files if “Modified”, “Descending Order”, and “Auto Arrange” are selected from the Tab menu – “Arranged Tabs by” submenu.
– Fixed the bug where the “Top”, “Bottom”, and “?” buttons did not work correctly in the Configuration Associations dialog box.
– Added more FAQs to the Help, and improved the Help Index.
– Fixed the bug where the ruler was not updated when the Switch Starting Point and Ending Point was selected.
– Fixed other bugs.

Please see EmEditor Professional v13 New Features for details.

=== To Download ===

Please click one of the links below to download:

http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed32_13.0.5.exe (32-bit installer)
SHA1: 4D209F365F6D4AF9DD18544F1B89C45DE76A321F size: 9,825,592 bytes
http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed64_13.0.5.exe (64-bit installer)
SHA1: 57198EEDB35631142153394ECEA88D7DC57868AF size: 10,856,040 bytes
http://www.emeditor.com/pub/emed32_13.0.5_portable.zip (32-bit portable)
SHA1: 38DDF41FE7F5F142E498EE7251DE1158D5ED1414 size: 9,744,685 bytes

Registration keys for v13 are different from the keys for v12. If you using v12 or earlier, you might need to purchase an upgrade.

Your can confirm your specific upgradability at


Please check this above link, and get v13 registration keys beforehand. After checking the above link, you can also purchase upgrades online.

For more details about upgrading, please see our announcement “Upgrading to EmEditor Professional v13” at:


Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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