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EmEditor Professional v13.0.6 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v13.0.6. EmEditor is a best text editor for Windows, supporting large files and Unicode.

Updates from v13.0.5 include:
– Fixed the bug where the “Wrap by” mode might not be changed correctly if multiple documents with different configurations are opened.
– Fixed the bug where EmEditor might crash when editing a snippet in the Snippets plug-in while a window is split.
– Fixed the bug where the Edit command of a snippet didn’t work after the Close without Save is used.
– Fixed other bugs.

Please see EmEditor Professional v13 New Features for details.


Please go to Download


Registration keys for v13 are different from the keys for v12. If you using v12 or earlier, you might need to purchase an upgrade.

Your can confirm your specific upgradability at Upgrade to EmEditor Professional v13

Please check this above link, and get v13 registration keys beforehand. After checking the above link, you can also purchase upgrades online.

For more details about upgrading, please see our announcement “Upgrading to EmEditor Professional v13

SHA1 and file size information:

32-bit installer:
SHA1: 6BB52EDDCDA6F642B0FF450B4F5FD427A854B397 size: 9,814,584 bytes

64-bit installer:
SHA1: 2E5695395F5E1C0763694D803B926470B6E555D8 size: 10,827,160 bytes

32-bit portable:
SHA1: 320EE834D9FBA257BBE9AE13745978B3542FB03C size: 9,721,341 bytes

Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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