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    Hello user!

    You may want to use the following .jsee macro

    //---Begin Macro---
    Window.Redraw = false;

    // remove trailing blanks (whitespaces, tabs ecc.) & their combos
    document.selection.Replace ("([[:blank:]]){2,}", "1", eeFindReplaceRegExp | eeFindAround | eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceQuiet);

    // remove StartOfLine blanks
    document.selection.Replace ("^[[:blank:]]", "", eeFindReplaceRegExp | eeFindAround | eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceQuiet);

    // remove EndOfLine blanks
    document.selection.Replace ("[[:blank:]]$", "", eeFindReplaceRegExp | eeFindAround | eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceQuiet);

    document.selection.StartOfDocument (false);
    document.HighlightFind = false;
    Window.Redraw = true;
    //---End Macro---

    Hope this will help.

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    thanks for the explanation!
    Emeditor.exe and some libs are a bit different though, I guess it’s the new digital signature.

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    In my case the problem has a somewhat different angle.
    When I check ‘In the selection only’, ‘Find Next’ and ‘Replace’ buttons turn inactive.

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    For parameters pls check built-in help:
    EmEditor Help – EmEditor Macro Reference – Selection Object – Replace Method

    in reply to: change word1 to word2 in folder? #8834

    You don’t really need a macro to run this task.
    All you need is Menu > Search > Replace in Files.
    More info in EmEditor Help-How to…-Search-Replace in Files.
    GL :-)

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    There’s a macro in the Library here. It extracts lines not containing a specified string to a new file.
    Give it a try, hope that helps :-)


    Hi spudly

    I did a Replace All changing n with ,n

    That’s a well known issue. EmEditor slows down greatly when A New Line expression is used in a regex search/replace string. In some cases one can evade it by using $ (End of String) instead of n, it depends on the given text.

    in reply to: delete the whole line hotkey #8787

    The default combo is Ctrl+L for line delete (or Shift+Delete or Ctrl+X for selection delete: deletes the whole line if there’s no selection).
    You can change it via Tools>Properties for Current Configuration (or for All Configurations)>Keyboard>Category:Edit>Commands:Cut Line (or Cut).
    You can also use Help>Keyboard Map… I beleive this is for current config only.

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    Hi user

    how do I disable emeditor tray from loading on startup and generally ?

    Tools > Customize… > Shortcut > Display a tray icon to the task bar and Display a tray icon next time Windows starts

    in reply to: delete the whole line hotkey #8771

    I guess a single ALT key isn’t supported as a hotkey.

    in reply to: Custom Macro Icon #8765

    Hi zhouzh2
    Yeah, thanks, script directives are what I really missed :-)
    But the puzzle hasn’t been solved yet, because a macro in a basic toolbar must have its “alter ego” in the macros toolbar. I mean, if I delete the macro from the macros toolbar it disappears from the basic toolbar, too :-?

    in reply to: EmEditor crashes when using the Spell Checker #8756

    At the moment you right-click, EmEditor exits without an error message.

    I can see some figures :-)
    Instruction address 0x00451a54
    Memory address 0x04220069

    Crash confirmed. I’m on WinXP SP3.

    in reply to: Hunspell Engine #8746

    Hi Yutaka

    Sure. I will try to use newer version but I prefer doing on major version upgrade.

    That sounds promising :)

    What are the difference between 1.2.9 and 1.2.11?

    Wish I knew… Maintenance release bug fixes

    I cannot support if you replace the DLL, and I don’t know if it is different. If you want, you can try it at your own risk.

    It’s OK with the support, I was going to do some tests on the trial version. The obvious difference is that the DDL is digitally signed by EmuraSoft. Frankly, I’m not that good at compiling C++ projects, so my first attempts to insert a newer DLL failed. One “build” led to an error in EmEditor launch, the other let the editor start up but hung it up during the spellcheck.

    Thanks, anyway!

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    Hello Yutaka,
    Thanks for having answered the point. I’ll try a portable version, too. Since the files I usually edit range from 0.5Mb to max 10Mb, I don’t think the speed of your fantastic editor will be much influenced by the portable launch.

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