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  • in reply to: Vertical selection problem #6475

    Abe, would you please tell me the version of your EmEditor?
    See “Help > About EmEditor”

    in reply to: Vertical selection problem #6472

    silverma wrote:
    I could successfully vertical select my text object by pressing ALT while I drag the mouse across my selection.
    Once I ready to type something else to replace the original text, it only replaced the text on first row of my selection, not the rest of my selection.

    Hi Abe,
    this works for me.
    (I don’t remember if i have modified something in Settings…, i think not)

    If one would exchange the old text
    1.) press and hold Alt-key
    2.) select an area with left mouse button
    3.) release the left mouse button
    4.) release the Alt-key
    Now start typing (or press TAB or Space) and the old text is gone

    If one would keep the old text
    1.) press and hold Alt-key
    2.) make an zero-width selection down with left mouse button
    (press left mouse button and scroll down, not left, not right)
    3.) release the left mouse button
    4.) release the Alt-key
    Now start typing (or press TAB or Space) and new space or text is inserted.

    Note: the Alt-key could be released just after start moving the mouse

    I know that you already know this ;-)
    Works here on XP SP2 and …. oh, this is still beta4 on THIS pc…

    in reply to: News: The final Version 8 Release will be Delayed #6465

    I don’t know the english words…
    but i think we all are with the Emura family in this times.

    My heartfelt sympathy!

    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 10 #6443

    Yes, disabling “Additional lines to search RegEx : 10”
    helps here.

    This means that ?-sign didn’t switch non-greedy.
    EmEditor still search for the longest match and
    search for my 10+ lines.


    Before disabling this “Additional lines” i try:
    Search ^(.+?Fixed:.+?)$
    Replace: #1#

    I added two ?-signs.

    Pressing [Replace all]
    give me a messgbox: “Out of memory. No UNDO available”
    Pressing [No] here lets EmEditor stop working.


    1.) EmEditor should recognize the ?-sign to work non-greedy.
    2.) i want to point to my request to add this “Dot find new line”-option to the find&replace-dialog
    for easy access

    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 10 #6442

    Load TC History.txt from
    (Copy the content to get 16.000 lines)

    RegEx Search for: ^(.+Fixed:.+)$
    Replace with: #1#
    [Replace all]

    I get bad result. The #-sign is inserted here and there but not where i want it to be (at start and at end of an line containing the word Fixed:

    Note: the right lines are highlighted correctly but the replacing is not correct.

    – – –

    RegEx Search for: ^(.+Fixed:.+)$
    Replace with: nothing
    [Replace all]

    seams to delete all line containing the word “Fixed:”
    but i can’t see it because…the view is not refreshed.

    I use [End]-key to jump to the end of file.
    Then i scroll up with Page-up.
    The line numbers are changed
    but the displayed text is still the same because the view is not refreshed.
    If i scroll more…the text are crumbled to mini chars, then to small line strokes… not read-able any more.

    If i went from this forum back to EmEditor there is no more text but this forum contend…. i.e. EmEditor view is no more refreshed.

    And i get EmEditor to stop working a few times.
    I don’t see EmEditor is stable right now.
    It’s hard to document and describe this all,
    but if you need more info just ask, then i do the work.

    Additional Lines to search RegEx was set to ’10’ ….if this says something?
    XP SP2
    1.4Ghz DELL D600 / 2GB RAM


    yesterday evening
    i had problems with Snipplets-Plugin
    while drag&dropping text to the side window.
    EmEditor stop working all the time.
    That was beta8 and beta9 … today with beta10 this problem was gone.

    best regards

    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 8 #6436

    Yutaka wrote:

    zhouzh2 wrote:
    “Grab Text” feature video.
    nothing happened when I press “crtl+alt+x”,
    Using EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 9

    You must have the Tray Icon running for this feature to work.

    > You must have the Tray Icon running
    Puh, good to know this.

    To enable tray icon,
    go to “Tools > Customize”
    on “Shortcut”-tab
    and check “[ x] Display a tray icon”

    . Right click on the Tray Icon, and select “Customize Tray Icon”, where you can change the shortcut key to Grab Text with EmEditor.

    There is no such settings in tray icon.
    Only in “Tools > Customize” if you press [Customize Tray Icon]-button

    But it didn’t works for me while editing this text here in the forum?.
    Neither Ctrl+Alt+x, nor Ctrl+Alt+ü (ue) or Ctrl+Alt+O
    Using EmEditor Pro 8.00 beta 9 on WinXPsp2 German layout

    I will test more :-D


    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 7 #6410

    Hi Yutaka, nice to see you ;-)

    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 7 #6389

    That Download side (Next Beta Version)

    still links to beta 6

    instead to beta 7

    in reply to: Projects.dll crash #6374

    Just tested:
    With beta3 i have again some bad issues.

    But projects in beta5 works stable (as far as i use it)
    I was not able to crash this plugin. :hammer:

    in reply to: How to use "Object"? #6366

    OK, with your all help i was able to code this in VBS.
    Now i can automate the steps to split lines with an macro.

    Unfortunately the save-settings-process take seconds to do.
    So splitting even 10 lines only takes 2 seconds.
    (I also notice the settings-dialog from menu takes up to 5 sec. on different PC to appear)
    (tested with EmEditor Professional 8.00 beta 4)

    Here is my working but basic macro to split lines with pure editor commands:

    There is no error handling right now.
    Use on Test files only!


    #title = Reformat
    #tooltip = Split selected lines to reformat paragraph
    '// very basic VBS-macro, works on selected lines only

    ' reference to object (is this an right description???)

    'get current wrap mode and store it into a var
    StartWrapMode = myOBJECT.General.WrapMode

    'Hint: General.WrapMode are 0=eeWrapNone, 1=eeWrapByChar, 2=eeWrapByWindow, 3=eeWrapByPage
    'Hint: For eeWrapByChar first set "Configuration Properties - General tab >Normal Line Margin"

    'set desired wrap mode
    myOBJECT.General.WrapMode = 1

    document.selection.Format eeFormatSplitLines

    'set back start wrap mode
    myOBJECT.General.WrapMode = StartWrapMode
    in reply to: How to use "Object"? #6357

    Thanks Yutaka, that works

    cfg = document.Config;
    alert (cfg.General.WrapMode);

    I see an messagebox with an number of the current wrap setting.
    If i switch the wrap mode and execute the macro again i see the corresponding number to that mode.

    – – –


    cfg = document.Config;
    cfg.General.WrapMode = 1; //eeWrapByWindow;

    i am able to switch the mode (and how the text is wrapped) by macro.

    – – –

    Now i try to (understand this and) code this in VBS.

    THX :-D

    in reply to: Add a few more items to make EmEditor pure genius #6356

    1) More GUI control types:
    There needs to be a way to use the “general purpose” input gui that is included with the Snippets plugin.

    Also, there needs to be a “history-based” GUI control that remembers what you have typed,

    Yes :-D that would be nifty.

    – – –

    that is included with the Snippets plugin

    What are you talking about? :-o
    With snippets I have an side window fro d&d only???

    Where / what is the Snippets Grid control ???

    Where is that GUI, can i see that too :-D

    in reply to: How to use "Object"? #6348

    THX dreftymac,

    EmEditor Home – EmEditor Help – EmEditor Macro Reference > Configs Collection
    Configs collection provides a collection of Config objects.

    This part works
    (I don’t know where this ‘General’ comes from now …?)

    For Each cfg In editor.Configs
    alert cfg.Name
    alert cfg.General.WrapMode

    I see MsgBoxes like Bat, C’ and C++,…. and ones and zeros, depending to the current state of the settings

    – – –

    But the example in the help

    nMode = OBJECT.WrapMode

    i didn’t bring to work.

    I try a lot of possibilities like
    SET cfg = CreateObject(“editor.Configs”)
    alert cfg.General.WrapMode _ :-( :-D

    – – –

    I want to do this with the command:

    nMode = OBJECT.WrapMode 'store current
    Object.WrapMode = eeWrapByChar 'set other mode
    document.selection.Format eeFormatSplitLines ' execute editor command
    Object.WrapMode = nMode 'restore mode

    Any one can enlighten us :-D

    in reply to: Minimize to Tray removes #6344

    I search for this “Minimize to Tray”-feature too :-D

    For people having EmEditor open during the day
    this would be a nice feature, without using third party tools ;-)

    I would like to have the option
    to minimize EmEditor include open, un-saved documents
    to the tray (like minimize to task bar)
    without to have to save documents first.

    – –

    BTW, i found this existing Tray-Icon feature very nifty too:

    EmEditor Help – Command Reference – File category
    > Display Tray Icon command

    All Commands: File > New > Display Tray Icon


    Maybe you can combine this two features?

    in reply to: Replace issue (Replace / Replace All) #6339

    I fixed your first issue. Thank you for reporting.

    Test with v8 beta4, fixed confirmed ;-) :pint:
    Thank you Yutaka.

    Note to others:
    those visual, real line breaks in replace string are stored as n

    The second issue must be added as an option.
    It is too late for Version 8, but I might think as a new feature in future versions.

    Thanks you.

    in reply to: Help file improvements #6311

    EmEditor Help – EmEditor Macro Reference – Directives

    I miss the info that this Directives must be
    on top of the script at the first lines, above the main code.
    (Maybe this is familiar for coders, but not for all people)

    And we need no enclosing the text in quotes ” ”
    because the are then part of the title or tool tip too.

    ——————- ——————–
    I have testet this issue with this little macro:

    #title = Enclose selection with \%…\%
    #tooltip = Tooltip: Select some text and execute this macro to put an \%-sign in front and at the end of the selected text
    ‘// enclose an selection with sign
    mySign = “\%”
    selText = document.selection.Text
    selText = mySign + selText + mySign
    ‘alert selText
    document.selection.Text = selText
    ——————– ——————–

    in reply to: automatic paragraph formatting? #6303

    > There is no automatic way to do this,
    > but you can do that manually after writing a paragraph.
    > After selecting text, you can click right mouse button,
    > select Convert Selection, and then Split Lines.

    It took me some time to find out how this works to split lines.

    Before you can split lines you have to enable one of the wrap modes.

    1.) Wrap lines with one of the three modes till your lines are wrapped the way you like it.
    (this wraps all lines in the whole text)
    Use “Wrap by Characters Strg+2” to split after x chars (use “Tools > Properties > General > Normal Lines Margin” to set char count)
    2.) Now select the lines you want to split for ever
    3.) “click right mouse button, select Convert Selection, and then Split Lines.”
    Now this lines are spitted to single lines, all others are wrapped only.
    Then use an other wrap mode to see the remnant text in an proper way again.

    If ‘No Wrap’ mode is enabled, then “Split Lines” is greyed out.
    This is not an familiar way… but i will check it out :-D

    Better would be if split would work with ‘No Wrap Strg+1’ too.
    Maybe show an dialog to enter the amount of chars to split after.
    Yes, imho it’s better to have “split lines” independent from “Wrap”
    That way we could wrap lines “By WIndow” Strg+3 but still split some lines at “char 72”

    That way we could reformat paragraphs more easy.
    :-) What do you think Yutaka?

    in reply to: the count of selection #6301

    I test the v8 beta2 and i didn’t see such an feature.

    I also would like to see

    Ln 21, Col 143 (Sel Ln:21 Wd:234 Cr:1167 Sg:1544)

    Sel Selected
    Ln Lines
    Wd Words
    Cr Chars, alpha numerics only [0-9A-Za-z]
    Sg Signs, all chars and white spaces and signs like ? ! : ; , .

    :-) What do you think, Yutaka?

    (Right now i have to open an small window on the right side with ‘Word Count’ plugin… but this is lost space for me)

    And i found an plugin for that issue
    “Text Information plug-in (32-bit) Displays information such as number of characters “
    This plugin uses the registry at

    in reply to: Emeditor Hex Viewer look like Hex Workshop? Why not ? #6300

    Why invent the wheel again?
    If one would need an Hex-Editor they could use an explicit hex editor :lol:

    The same with editor built-in FTP client or text compare feature…
    …you would always become an half as good tool
    and hinder the author to improve the main product.
    It’s mostly better to use an decent extra tool for such extra tasks.

    in reply to: Snippets insertion point #6299

    I also would like see this feature in EmEditor.

    1.) one symbol in snippet to place the cursor



    If i insert this snippet i would like to have the cursor in place of the three |||

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    2.) another symbol to replace the selected text

    Snippet: \%$§$\%

    Then i select an word. (or a few lines)
    If i insert this snippet i would like to have the selected text enclosed with \%-signs (in this example)

    – –
    An another example for this feature is
    Snippet: $§$

    Then i select the word ‘bold’ in this sentence:
    This is bold.

    And i would get:
    This is bold

    Would be nice if this would be possible :-D

    One note:
    please choose an sign as replacement placeholder no one would use ever in his code.
    Better use an sign combination no one would use to start an sentence like |#| or ] or )

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