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    Hi LifeTimer,

    EmEditor utilize the ‘Windows Script Host’, which in turn utilize JScript 5.7 feature set.
    Even as WSH says it’s 5.8

    jsV = ScriptEngineMajorVersion() +"."+ ScriptEngineMinorVersion();
    alert(jsV); // 5.8



    Note Starting with JScript 5.8, by default,
    the JScript scripting engine supports the language feature set as it existed in version 5.7.
    This is to maintain compatibility with the earlier versions of the engine.

    From MSDN:

    JScript 5.8 introduced the following features: JSON object, JSON.parse method,
    JSON.stringify method, toJSON method, defineProperty method, getOwnPropertyDescriptor method.

    And further see:
    and perhaps:


    in reply to: CSV Editing – DELETE columns #20581

    In CSV-mode, right click the column header

    and choose “Select column,,,,,,”,

    next press the DEL-key on your keyboard.


    in reply to: Is there an option to format code? #20574

    Hi there,

    In EmEditor you can do such things by utilizing external command-line tools,
    for an HTML Tidy example see e.g.
    Tidy reads HTML, XHTML and XML files and writes cleaned up markup.
    Also you can g00gle e.g. for “Artistic Style” (
    A Free, Fast, and Small Automatic Formatter for C, C++, C++/CLI, Objective‑C, C#, and Java Source Code
    There are many of them.
    Or search here the Library if there is a script already.

    If you need help on Tool setup, just ask.


    in reply to: One click code layouting #20573

    Hi there,

    PSPad just utilize Tidy.exe
    You can do the same with EmEditor. see e.g.
    Also you can g00gle for “Artistic Style”



    in reply to: Replace spaces with one tab mark #20555

    To replace “one colon followed by one-or-more spaces”
    by “one colon followed by one tab character”
    use Regular Expression Search&Replace

    Find: :\s+
    Repl: :\t
    [X] Use Regular Expressions


    Device ID: . . . . . . . 0
    Interface: . . . . . . . RAID
    Device Capacity: . . . . 476937 MB
    Serial Number: . . . . . WD-WCC2EET06341
    Model Number: . . . . . .WDC WD5000AAKX-75U6AA0
    Firmware Revision: . . . 19.01H19
    ( dots represent spaces here )
    Device ID:->	0
    Interface:->	RAID
    Device Capacity:->	476937 MB
    Serial Number:->	WD-WCC2EET06341
    Model Number:->	WDC WD5000AAKX-75U6AA0
    Firmware Revision:->	19.01H19
    ( '->' represents a tab char here )


    in reply to: EmEditor v15.6.0 beta 4 #20484


    “modeless Quick Launch (Ctrl+Q) PLUS ‘Commands’ mode (Ctrl+Shift+C) PLUS typing [mac ]”
    is a nice way to quickly execute one or even a few macros on individual test selections.


    in reply to: EmEditor v15.6.0 beta 1 #20483

    Hello Yutaka,

    here are my observation on testing the beta3

    – Jump now works even with disabled “Keep This Window Open”. Good work.

    – I find this sort option useful, thanks for implementing.

    – It do not work on *.jsee files, only if I save with *.JS extension,
    Likewise possible the same for *.vbee?

    – Works only on saved files and on files with the right extensions.

    – The ‘symbol list’ is not updated on saving the document,
    I have to re-open, or at least (temporarily) change the sort order.
    Ahh, now! …there is a ‘Refresh’ context menu entry! Fine!

    – Two or more functions with same name are listed only once. But I think all should be listed? No?



    I would find it very useful to see also
    the function parameter to look up quickly the need syntax:

    function.Backup(strSource, strTarget, intOption)
    function.merge(array, args)

    I tried already with ctags options, but had no success:

    – Enable Projects plug-in,
    – right-click into Projects pane
    – launch Tools >Properties for Current Solution Template, (this is named ‘default’ for me)
    (or should I go “Tools > Solution Templates” and chose ‘Visual Studio’ ?)

    – open Symbols tab
    – modify “Additional Parameters to Ctags (advanced option)” field

    -e –c-kinds=+defgpstux -R

    Ohh, already a beta 4!?! … ;-) Fine! Thanks! I go taking a look………..

    in reply to: EmEditor v15.6.0 beta 1 #20467

    Hi Yutaka,

    thanks for the beta 2! ….still an improvement!

    But I also get this crash with beta2, if “Keep This Window Open” is NOT selected.

    I tried with a *.js file “Prototype JavaScript framework, version 1.6.1” on Win7/64 with EE-v15.6.0 beta 2-portable/32
    – open the file
    – open Quick Launch Ctrl+Q
    – do NOT opt for “Keep This Window Open”
    – enter ‘@’ sign
    – right click > Jump (or double click)
    – EmEditor is crashing unexpectedly. We apologize for any inconveniences.

    if “Keep This Window Open” -IS- selected, the Jump works!       (good observed, FuzzyBear :-) )

    BTW: discussion:
    the symbol list is sorted by you,…. I don’t know yet if this is fine or not….
    … because the order is different from real order in file, and so the Jump is irritation (on my first tests)



    in reply to: EmEditor v15.6.0 beta 1 #20462

    Quick test of the new features….

    The Quick Launch window allows you to enter ‘@’ to show the symbol list

    That works for me only if I execute ‘SymbolList.jsee’ for this document right before.
    It does nothing if I just open ‘Quick Launch window’ and enter a ‘@’ sign.

    And then, ….
    in ‘Quick Launch window’ I get only the list of functions,
    but no functionality, like scroll the clicked function into view or like that.
    So what is the sense of this particular feature? Sorry, I don’t get it ;-)

    And, BTW, possible bug report:
    If I close the ‘Quick Launch window’, sometimes also the EmEditor main windows loses the focus and gets hidden behind another window.
    This was also with the last beta. I have not tried to get the cause of this behavior yet.


    Thank you for making EmEditor.

    in reply to: EmEditor v15.6.0 beta 1 #20461

    Thanks for the new release and for the example macros.

    in reply to: "Tools > Quick Launch" and eeCommon.ini > KeymapSearchHist #20460

    Dear Yutaka,

    The search histories in the Quick Launch window before you upgrade to v15.5.1 will not be restored.

    Yes, this is fine.

    However, you should be able to add new search terms.

    Ahhhh, now at least I get it:

    the history is only stored if you press the Enter-key
    after you finished typing in your search term. ( of course :-( )

    Since it is not necessarily to press enter,
    as it searches on-the-fly, I never pressed enter before.

    Sorry for the confusion!

    The portable versions are not designed for speed.

    Since you are all about speed, and EmEditor is the fastest Text Editor in the world,
    I am sure, sooner or later you will be able to improve that part too.

    That is why you should use the installer version.

    All my tools are portable and that is the way I like it ;-)

    So thank you for making and maintaining a portable EmEditor version!


    in reply to: "Tools > Quick Launch" and eeCommon.ini > KeymapSearchHist #20449

    Hi Yutaka,
    better with 15.5.1, no more empty lines.
    But only just the last search is stored,
    not a list of last ten or so, as the big drop-down list implies.
    Is this correct? Only one term kept in History?

    – – –
    Another issue, just FYI:

    “Quick Launch” on portable mode is slow on search (takes ~ 5 seconds to display the results)

    if I use my old eeCommon.ini:
    eeCommon.ini |   890.812 byte |  30.10.2015 08:28 -a–

    If I rename this INI and let EmEditor create a new one, the search is quick as expected:
    eeCommon.ini-my . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .| 890.812 byte | 30.10.2015 08:28 -a–
    eeCommon.ini-fresh-created-by-EE. . |. 21.439 byte | 30.10.2015 08:26 -a–

    Tested with: | 5.467.636 | 30.10.2015 08:12 -a–
    Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise; 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    Intel64 ~3301 MHz; RAM 8GB; Available 5.6GB; de;Deutsch (Deutschland)

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Problem with Start window #20447

    Hi KamilZ,

    I can disable ‘Start Window’.

    But on opening EmEditor with an new Untitled document.
    or on opening another new Untitled document in running EmEditor,
    I can press the Arrow-down key on my keyboard to let the ‘Start Window’ appear.


    in reply to: Problem with Start window #20442

    Hi KamilZ,

    a workaround would be to nevertheless disable the (automatically appearance of the) “Start Window”
    (Tools > Customize… > [Window] > [Customize Start Window…] >> [_] Always show…… )

    and use the Arrow-Down key instead to open it on your own on (empty / non-dirty) Untitled documents.

    Perhaps that would be something for you and solve your problem with the Tray Icon?

    in reply to: "Tools > Quick Launch" and eeCommon.ini > KeymapSearchHist #20439

    Hmm, no more editing of my post allowed, so I continue here:
    I had to add tabs into the empty lines in my above post, to make the forum software keep them.


    v15.5.0 ,

    Works fine, both default ’80’ value and also adding ‘MaxNameUntitled=143’ to eeCommon.ini under ‘[Common]’ section.

    Thank you for making EmEditor.

    in reply to: wrap up function #20436

    Hi netsking,
    no, I can’t imagine what happens here.
    I am not an expert, but I would close EmEditor and rename the Registry key of EmEditor
    for example to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\EmSoft-problem\EmEditor v3\
    to disable it for the moment, launch EmEditor again to see if there was any culprit in your settings.
    If that brings you nowhere, delete the new created key and rename the old key back by removing that ‘-problem‘ string again.

    netsking wrote:

    Before if I select “word wrap”, the new file will be opened
    as wrap characters/wrap window each time.
    … but now, it opens as no wrap. don’t know the reason.

    Worked fine on: EE ver14 64-bit version / Installed version
    Got Problem since: ver 15.2, 64-bit / Installed version (noticed it, maybe even earlier)
    Operation system: Win7 64-bit Pro

    Tools > Properties All Configuration > [General] > “Wrap by” shows nothing.
    After chosen “wrap by special characters”, open a new file, EE will dispay as what I selected.
    However, the chosen property won’t be saved because closed and re-opened EE, the display became no wrap again.
    If I chang other selections, all of them can be saved when closed and re-opened.


    HTH?           ( Best try with the brand new 15.5.0 release, see the Blog )

    in reply to: Untitled name uniqueness #20435

    Good Idea, I like that too.
    Also very nifty for quick saving a few ‘Untitled’ files without
    overwriting the last one or thinking about another temp name :-)
    My ideas about this topic:
    Customize Tabs
    Unsaved Label: | Untitled | Untitled # | First 10 signs from first line
    Additionally I can imagine:
    From Tab context menu: “Set tab Label” -> to individual user content
    From Tab context menu: “Set tab color” -> sub menu with the ten markers colors to choose from.
    Just some ideas.
    Thank you for making EmEditor ;-)


    Thank you very much for reply and improvement.
    Now this feature makes much more sense to me.

    in reply to: wrap up function #20408

    Did you worked that out now?


    in reply to: wrap up function #20406

    BTW, Yutaka,

    If I go again into “Tools > Properties All Configuration >[General]”, the “Wrap by: ” field shows nothing. But it works by wrapping at 80 chars.
    If I go into . . . . “Tools > Properties Current Configuration >[General]”, the “Wrap by: ” field shows “Specified Characters” as expected.
    Me think the “Wrap by: ” on “Tools > Properties All Configuration >[General]” should show the current chosen setting too? Instead of nothing.

    in reply to: wrap up function #20405

    I think I found the solution .
    Nothing to do with version or bittness, but possible wrongly use of configuration?
    (Good example that’s always a good idea to provide
    as much details as possible on such questions)

    Tested on: 15.4.0 beta 2 / 32-bit portable on 64-bit Win7

    Test 1:
    Tools > Properties All Configuration
    [x] Word Wrap
    [_] Wrap after marks
    [X] Wrap These Characters

    Open a file with long lines.
    The lines are NOT wrapped-up.

    Test 2:
    Tools > Properties All Configuration
    Wrap by: Specified Characters

    Open a file with long lines.
    The lines ARE wrapped-up.

    Now I only have to find out which options is for which purpose…..


    in reply to: wrap up function #20403

    Thanks for clarifying! To help the author locate that problem, he may have some more need for details:
    Which was the EmEditor version and bitness architecture (32/64) this works for you?
    Which version and bitness do you use now you got this problem with?
    Do you have EmEditor installed or do you use the portable version?
    On which operation system (XP/W7/W8/W10) ?

    Thanks for your support.

    in reply to: wrap up function #20400

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is “””The wrap-up function””” ?
    Can you point to some menu entry or help page please?
    Or explain with more details and what you do.





    o.O Uhh? Who had guessed that ;-D

    So I am going now to “Tools > Customize Menus…” > Main Menu > [+]-&Edit
    and modify my menu from “Time and Date” to “Date and Time”….. (and there is even a default shortcut: Shift+F5 to insert Date/Time)

    Thanks :thumpsup:

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