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  • in reply to: manage tsv data #10433

    The cut/past of columns and rows in tsv mode seems very reasonable. That does seem like something EmEdit should handle correctly.

    There is already the Alt selection (for rectangular selection) and also the “Select Column” option. I made a small table and tried to cut/paste columns and just couldn’t get it do work well.

    Am I missing the knack/technique of something here? Is this a defect/oversight that can be addressed?

    in reply to: working with json #10389

    Is EmEdit using JScript? If so, is IActiveScriptProperty::SetProperty being set to 1 or 2?

    Would this help:

    In the section titled: JScript Versioning in other JScript Hosts (for JScript Host Developers).

    in reply to: control+tab #10182


    in reply to: External Tools keeping output in output bar #10176

    My options are:

    – Discard
    – Replace Selection
    – Replace Document
    – Insert before Selection
    – Insert after Selection
    – Show as Tool Tip
    – Create New Document

    Discard appears to discard it after printing it.
    I haven’t figured out where Show as Tool Tip goes to.
    The others all involve a document.

    I would like to suggest is these options:

    – Discard (Don’t even write to the output bar – don’t even bring up the output bar if it’s not shown)
    – Replace Selection (no output bar use)
    – Replace Document (no output bar use)
    – Insert before Selection (no output bar use)
    – Insert after Selection (no output bar use)
    – Show as Tool Tip (not sure on this)
    – Create New Document (no output bar use)
    – Display as Output Bar (write to the output bar and leave it there)

    With those choices it may make sense to remove the Use Output Bar checkbox as it’s implied by the option chosen.

    That second list is actually the list of options from the Standard Error drop down. There is no Display as Output Bar option in the Output drop down.


    in reply to: find toolbar and find next #10150

    Ok, incremental search doesn’t seem to be an ingredient so much.

    Trying it more, it looks like Find Next doesn’t get the current find string until Return is pressed in the Find toolbar.

    So maybe what I’m asking for is that Find Next/Previous grab the current find string and also find the next/previous occurrence (as if the sequence Return, F3 where pressed).

    in reply to: Swap cpp and header files #10145

    It was pretty easy to get this far:

    var current_file=document.FullName;
    var with_out_ext=current_file.substring(0, current_file.lastIndexOf(“.”));
    var ext=current_file.substring(current_file.lastIndexOf(“.”));
    switch (ext)
    case “.cpp”: ext = “.h”; break;
    case “.h”: ext = “.cpp”; break;
    editor.OpenFile(with_out_ext+ext, 0, eeOpenAllowNewWindow);

    But I haven’t found where to get the list of extensions from the current configuration. I’m also not sure how to test if the file exists (so I can try the next file extension if it does not exist).

    Tips/suggestions welcome.

    in reply to: docable find dialog and replace dialog #10144

    Hmm, of course a workaround for that redraw issue is to turn off the close if esc is pressed. :)

    in reply to: docable find dialog and replace dialog #10143

    The Find bar is pretty close. Especially so, since I found the “Close if ESC pressed” option.

    I’d like the Find bar a lot more if I could have it shown at the bottom of the document window. This is for two reasons:
    – I’ve become very accustom to the find being there in other editors
    – When the find bar is inserted/removed from the tool bar area, several panes and plug-ins need to re-size.

    A big feature of EmEditor is the speed. While the find bar does appear/disappear quickly, it “feels” like it does not due to the screen redraw. It would be great if the find bar felt lightning fast too. It may be easier to attain that appearance of speed at the bottom of the window rather than the top (the user is less likely to notice the re-size update).

    in reply to: Simultaneous paste and cut #10142

    Thanks, this seems to work.

    var cut=document.selection.Text;
    var paste = clipboardData.getData(“Text”);
    clipboardData.setData(“Text”, cut);

    in reply to: option for no document tabs or document buttons #10141

    Cool, that gets me an alternative list. I’m hoping to ‘reclaim’ the screen space used for the document tabs or button bar. The Tools>Customize>Tab>Style drop down only seems to offer Tab or Button. How do I select “None”?

    I also tried looking for a “Windows” toolbar to uncheck in View>Toolbars, but the Windows toolbar seems to be treated special (or apart from that list).


    in reply to: selected characters/bytes #10140

    Thank you, I had not found that myself!

    Yes, that’s what I wanted.

    I have a tip for offering tips :) It took me a few minutes to figure out that Customize was on the tools menu. Maybe try including “Tools menu > […]” on instructions. Like:

    Did you check Tools menu > Customize > Status, and check “Number of […]

    Thanks again!

    in reply to: Swap cpp and header files #10128

    One way to do this in a more general way (i.e. not just c++) would be to have a command to rotate through the extensions (associations) for a given configuration.

    So for HTML, if you were editing foo.htm when you executed the command then Emedit would look for foo.html, foo.asp, foo.aspx, foo.shtml, and foo.shtm in the same directory as foo.htm and open that file (whichever it found next).

    For C++, in my version of Emedit, it looks like that list would be cpp, cxx, c, h, hpp, inl, and rc. If I only had a foo.cpp and a foo.h file in that directory I’d effectively jump between the two associated files with this command.

    If I also had a foo.inl in that directory, I’d rotate between all three.

    I’m hoping this will make the feature request more appealing to implement as it will be more generally useful and elegant (vs. my initial request to jump between two files for one specific programming language).

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