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    document.selection.Replace(“( |t)+?$”,” “, eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceRegExp);

    document.selection.Replace(“( |t)+?$”,””, eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceRegExp);
    document.selection.Replace(“^( |t)+?”,””, eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceRegExp);

    in reply to: Macro: Select whole paragraph #10315

    You need to swap the yPosEnd with the yPosBeg in the last two lines, like this:

    o.SetAnchorPoint(eePosLogical, 1, yPosEnd);
    o.SetActivePoint(eePosLogical, 1, yPosBeg, true);

    instead of

    o.SetAnchorPoint(eePosLogical, 1, yPosBeg);
    o.SetActivePoint(eePosLogical, 1, yPosEnd, True);

    in reply to: Macro: Select whole paragraph #10312

    Just an old discussion and an example are here.

    in reply to: number the lines #10082

    You can use Insert Sequence Numbers plug-in (32-bit)

    or a .jsee-macro like this one:

    var n = document.GetLines();
    var a = new Array();
    for (var i=1; i<(n+1); i++) a.push(i + ") " + document.GetLine(i));

    in reply to: Macro operations still crash the editor #9882

    I will not entertain your flippant remarks…

    I’m very sorry for that.

    I will just say that the fact that something works on your system does not negate the fact that it doesn’t on mine.

    You’re right. But I guess it is important for developer to know how many users (different systems) can reproduce the issue. Two of us and the developer didn’t reproduce it. I tried to reproduce it again on my three machines (Vista x64, Win7 x64, Win7 x86) – on the first one as admin, and on the rest as the user with UAC enabled/disabled. No crash!

    in reply to: Macro operations still crash the editor #9877

    tranglos wrote:
    Well, if EmEditor crashes, it is an EmEditor problem :)

    Not at all! Kidding?:)

    APPCRASH is just Microsoft’s code word, it doesn’t mean anything very specific.

    Of course, I know it, but what about “stackhash”?

    Meanwhile, I have discovered yet another reliable method to crash EmEditor:
    Right-click empty space in the menu bar -> click “Customize menus”. When the dialog box shows up, click OK. Crash!

    I cannot confirm it as well! No crash!

    (I guess it could be a plugin problem, too, but I am only using the plugins installed by default with EmEditor.)

    Me too currently not using third-party plugins.
    And I cannot remember EmEditor crashes since v.7.x.

    in reply to: Macro operations still crash the editor #9875

    2 tranglos
    I cannot confirm both crashes on EE 10.06 -> 11.03 x64, Vista X64.
    Did you try to google for “Stackhash APPCRASH”? It seems like your problem isn’t EmEditor issue.

    2 mguttman

    Trying to recreate “Crash type 2” … The macro didn’t seem to actually run.

    This is normal, because the “Select…” command just “Sets the opened file as the current macro” (from the manual). This command should not run a macro.

    in reply to: Toggling Line Number via Macro? #9316

    To toggle Line Numbers via a macro you can use just this command alone:


    I have added a line of code to perceive an indent as the paragraph boundary.
    Also the code has been slightly optimized.
    Recheck it.


    I just have removed two unnecessary lines form the code above. Recheck it now.

    in reply to: anybody got a macro or other tool that can do Select Paragraph? #9286

    // File: Select_Paragraph.jsee
    // Autor: Dmitry Pirozhkov
    // Date: 23.Nov.2006
    // Info: Macro to select the entire paragraph.
    // Requires: EmEditor Professional v.7.00 or later
    // Usage: Place the cursor anywhere within a paragraph you wish to select. Run this macro.

    var blankLine = "^$"; //the paragraph delimiter
    var y1;

    with (document.selection) {

    if (document.GetLine(GetActivePointY(eePosLogical), eeGetLineWithNewLines).length<=2) {
    alert ("Please, place the cursor on the non-blank line.");

    if (!Find(blankLine, eeFindPrevious | eeFindReplaceQuiet | eeFindReplaceRegExp)) {
    y1 = 1;
    } else y1 = GetActivePointY(eePosLogical)+1;

    if (!Find(blankLine, eeFindNext | eeFindReplaceQuiet | eeFindReplaceRegExp)) {

    SetActivePoint(eePosLogical, 1, y1, true);
    //to perceive an indent as the paragraph boundary

    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 9.00 alpha 24 #7369

    EE v.9.00alpha24(x64), Vista(64)
    EE leaves previous line highlighted with the backgorund highlight color defined for the Current Line while I do moving the cursor up/down with Up/Dn arrow keys.

    In my example the orange is the background color for the Current Line, not the selection.

    in reply to: How many vertical selection bugs in EmEditor? #7194

    Fist of all I have to say sorry, because it seems I was wrong pointing out the IntelliPoint explicitly.
    Removing IntelliPoint form the memory has no effect. But the MS mouse driver still there, of course.
    And I was absolutely confused in this situation because IntelliPoint is really affecting such software as ArchiCAD or even Solitaire game at list on my WinXP machine. My english isn’t so good to describe how IntelliPoint affecting mentioned software.

    But at least two of my friends from the russian speaking forums notified me that they have reproduced the same effects in EE 8/9.
    We have found that there are two conditions leading to this effect:
    1. The Vertical Selection Block must be controlled only by keyboard during testing!
    2. It seems this effect may be caused by proportional fonts while monospaced ones (Courier, Consolas) do not affect this.
    — Thanks in advance —

    in reply to: Not a critical bug with "Vertical Selection Editing mode" #7190

    Thank you for fixing this issue.

    One more thing, also non critical.
    Could you please pay a little attention to my earlier post about artifacts in Vertical Selection Block?
    in reply to: EmEditor Professional 9.00 alpha #7151

    Do you strictly recommend a clean install of 9.00alpha?

    in reply to: EmEditor Core Feature Requests Compilation #7054

    What about the suggestions from the old forums?
    Because some of them still not implemented, we don’t know whether they were rejected or postponed. Or maybe forgotten?
    So, could you please publish (if it is allowable) the whole list of considered and rejected features?
    — Thanks in advance. —

    in reply to: Highlight words and lines from macro #6652

    EmEditor has an ability to highlight words with RegExp.
    Also you may check Macro Reference for three Highlight objects and three Font objects.

    in reply to: Macro on document load. #6651

    1. Go to Macros menu -> Customize
    2. Choose a macro from My Macros listbox.
    3. Activate Events button by setting Run as Events checkbox.
    4. Click Events button then choose File Opened event from Selected Events listbox. Click OK.

    Also there is the 32-bit naoExecMacroOnEvent plug-in.
    The home page and the plug-in’s dialogs are fully in japanese, but
    I have no much trouble to configure the plug-in because its dialogs are simple enough.

    in reply to: Split Window: hotkey to switch between panes? #6630

    F6, Shift+F6

    in reply to: How many vertical selection bugs in EmEditor? #6611

    I’m near sure that, this is not EE issue, but I can see some artifacts on my screen while moving the edge of the Vertical Selection Block.

    The artifacts dissapear when switching focus to another window.
    Can anyone else see this on their screens?

    updated: 4/23/2009
    Now I have more info on this issue.
    This started to happen since EE 8.x (on any OS).
    After some investigation i found that this is caused by MS IntelliPoint software (any version).
    The artifacts start to appear when starting to collapse the expanded vertical selection with the left arrow key.
    I can see that IntelliPoint constantly updates the screen area and this is visually recognizable at least on my WinXP but not on my Vista(x64).
    Perhaps, the artifacts may appear because EE does not catch the moment when IntelliPoint starts to update the screen area.
    I hope it will help you to find a solution for this issue in the future.
    If you need more details, just let me know.
    Live demonstration:

    -- Thanks in advance --
    in reply to: macro to convert content to html? #6601

    see PM

    in reply to: Snippets "file" #6583

    Go to the following registry key:
    Check SnippetArray parameter.

    in reply to: "Save Cursor Position and Bookmarks" bug #6581

    Sorry for my mistake and big thanks for the solution. I just found the reference in the Help-file.
    But, would you like to redesign this feature to allow user specify the files for which C&B positions will be saved?

    in reply to: macro to convert content to html? #6566

    A basic example. Apply it only for selected text.

    with (document.selection){
    var STR = Text;
    if (!IsEmpty){
    var mud = "";
    var endPos =0 ;
    endPos = STR.lastIndexOf("<");
    if (endPos!=-1){
    mud = STR.substr(endPos);
    STR = STR.substr(0,endPos);
    Text = '<a href="' + STR + '" target="blank">' + STR + '</a>' + mud;
    } else Text = '<a href="' + STR + '" target="blank">' + STR + '</a>' + "<br>";
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