Please update to a newest version

This is an important security message.

We notice that many customers still use EmEditor v14.5.3 (or older). The updater in the old versions of EmEditor contained security vulnerability. For the safety of our customers, the updater in the older versions had been disabled since we removed the update configuration files in our server in response to the security incident. Although this incident was resolved, it is still potentially unsafe to continue using the old versions of EmEditor (from v10.0 through v14.5.3). The new versions of EmEditor (v14.5.4 or newer) is safe because it uses the improved updater which will not run an installer if the digital signature of the installer mismatches our signature.

If you are still using an old version of EmEditor (from v10.0 through v14.5.3), please download the newest version from our download page and install.

If you have not installed v14 before, you might need a v14 registration key. Your v14 key can be found in the Resend Keys page of Emurasoft Customer Center. Many customers already have lifetime licenses without their noticing, and so please check this page. If you don’t have a lifetime license nor a v14 key, you might need to purchase a new license.

Including this reason, if for some reasons, you can’t install the newer version, please disable the updater by selecting the Customize Update Checker on the Help menu of EmEditor.

If you have once installed a new version and want to revert to an old version, you can uninstall the new version, and then install the old version. You can find an old version in the sub folder of C:\ProgramData\Emurasoft\EmEditor\updates\update.

If you have issues with installing or uninstalling, please refer to our FAQ.

We apologize for any inconveniences. If you have any questions, please contact us using this form.

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