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EmEditor v16.3.0 beta 1

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v16.3.0 beta 1.

Notes: Beta versions are updated frequently. In order to update automatically to future beta versions, please select Select Update Channel on the Help menu, and select Betas.

Updates from v16.2.1 include:

New General Features

  • The Minimap was added.
  • The Number of Lines displayed in the status bar becomes the format of “Selected Lines/Total Lines”. The number of total lines is always visible if the “Number of Lines” check box is set in the “Status” tab of the “Customize” dialog box.
  • The App icon was replaced.
  • The “Filter Out” command was added to the right-click menu on the Markers toolbar.

New Options

  • The Minimap check box was added to the Scroll tab of the configuration properties.
  • The Select All, Bookmark and Extract buttons are separately placed now.

New Commands

  • Filter Out

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where EmEditor might have crashed when converting fixed-width columns to Tab separated values, and added more information when invalid lines were detected.

To Download

These files will be deleted when official release versions become available. The official releases can be downloaded at the Download page.

Please post any questions or comments at Beta Forums.

Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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